Killing Bites Manga Gets a Spin-Off this August | Find out more

Here is a piece of good news for you all manga readers out there. Recently Kazasa Sumita took to her Twitter to announce the launch of a new manga series. If you aren’t aware of who Kazasa is, then here is a hint for you. Do you the manga Killing bites? Kazasa Sumita is the creator and artist for the manga Killing Bites.

Kazasa Sumita is also famous for her previous work for the manga series Witchblade Takeru under the production of Top Cow Productions, Inc. along with Bandai Entertainment.

So let’s head straight into the article without wasting time, and let’s get to the details of what this new manga will be about.

New Spin-Off Manga:

As per the twitter of Kazasa Sumita, a manga artist on last Friday. An all-new Manga series is waiting to make its release. This new manga series is a spin-off to the manga Killing Bites. This spin-off manga will release on Hero’s Inc.’s “Wild Hero’s” website on August 21.

The title of this new spin-off manga is Hoshigarisugi Desho!? Inaba-san or Desire Overload, Right Inaba!?

Sumita, along with Shinya Murata, who is a story writer, launched the manga Killing Bites.  In November 2013, the launch of the manga Killing Bites took place in Hero’s Inc.’s Monthly Hero’s magazine. Till August 5 Hero’s Inc. published a total of 16 compiled volumes for this the manga.  

The translation of the Twitter post says as follows:

Wadou Heroes will start serializing the Killing Bites spin-off. “Is it too much?! Inaba-san” from August 21, 2020, and onwards.

Back Story of Killing Bites:

Killing Bites refers to the underworld clashes happening between human-animal hybrids. A beast who doesn’t fear anything fights in this animalistic world. A world full of fear and insanity. The story is about the ultimate battle of the beasts, something that will give you goosebumps.

The story of the manga follows Hitomi. One day Hitomi gets attacked by a group of some college students. In self-defense and having no other option, Hitomi kills every one of them except Yuya. Yūya witnesses her transformation into a beast, a lion monster. This leads Yuya to fall into a state of shock.

Hitomi belongs to “Brutes.” Brutes are people who are a combination of both humans and beasts.

In January 2018, a 12-episode anime series premiered on Television. This was the adaptation of the manga Killing Bites. The anime is available on Amazon Prime Video as well.

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