One Piece Chapter 988: Luffy Declared A War!

Day by day, the chapters of One Piece manga are getting better. The manga is on the verge of its climax. Next week we will not have a new chapter to read. However, in the last two weeks, we have consecutively got two chapters of the manga. One Piece is a weekly publishing manga. Still, due to some reasons, One Piece will be taking a break. In the last chapter, we encountered a war between Kaido and Luffy. Let us find out the release date of the One Piece Chapter 988. Also, have a look at the recap of the previous chapter.

Release Date of One Piece Chapter 988

The latest chapter 987 of the One Piece manga released on August 10, 2020. Moreover, One Piece manga is a weekly manga. The chapters get published every week in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. However, due to some issues, the next chapter will not post next week.

The One Piece Chapter 988 will publish on August 23, 2020. Note that according to your region, the date may vary a bit. However, every Sunday, new chapters are released.

One Piece Chapter 988
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Recap of Chapter 987

The experience of Kaido with Oden comes forth. The way Kaido got injured during the battle with Oden and his words. Moreover, Kaido acknowledging the strength of Oden. Everything runs down the lane in the mind of Yonko.

While Yonko falls off from the stage, scabbards tries hurting Kaido. Then after Kiku pierced Kaido’s hand. On the other side, the second hand of Kaido got injured by Kaido. None, the less Raizo, slash Kaidos throat with blades. Kaido was wondering how those blades hurt him. After all this, the old scar from Oden started paining again.

Meanwhile, the beast pirate team came to fight with scabbards. Hyogoro intruded on them. Moreover, both Hyogoro and old Yazuka fought against pirates. Yamato attacks Ulti, and so she was mad. Then after Yamato declares, she shifted the sides. Big Mom was worried that Kaido was dead. However, Kaido was alive and praised everyone for kickass fighting. Kaido was confident that one day Luffy would betray the group. But, Kinemon was sure that he wouldn’t do that.

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Where to read

The chapters of One Piece are available on Viz, and manga plus websites. Moreover, one can read from the Shonen Jump App.

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