Redo Of Healer Episode 3 Uncensored: Release Date And Countdown Revealed


The previous episode of the Redo Of Healer series just aired a few hours, and everyone is already waiting for the next one. So this article covers all the latest updates regarding the Redo of Healer Episode 3 Uncensored version, including the release date, countdown, English dub production, preview discussion, and streaming details. The series is a … Read more

Diamond No Ace Act II: Chapter 232 Release and Updates

From the previous events of the manga Diamond No Ace Act II: Seidou manages to dominate the last round with his teammates and Sawamura’s effort. Meanwhile, Sankou, along with Amahisa, tries getting back into the game. Yuuki scores home runs. Amahisa decides to change his tactics to make Yuuki avoid scoring home runs. Amahisa increasing … Read more

Kengan Omega Chapter 84: RELEASE Naidan vs Ryuki


Talking about the events from the previous chapter of the manga Kengan Omega: The battle between Naidan Ryuki goes on. Naidan keeps on smacking and blowing off Ryuki. Naidan blows off Ryuki to the ground using an uppercut. However, Ryuki manages to pull back him self using hair. Ryuki blows off Naidan using his knee, … Read more

Guraburu! Episode 5: Revenge of the Bonito


Previously in Guraburu!, we see Cagliostro on water, in the middle of the sea, waiting for the showdown for Bonito’s revenge. Meanwhile, Jin tries to take Bonito out of the water with his boat along with Cagliostro. However, despite Jin’s efforts, Bonito overpowers him. So he asks Cagliostro to distract Bonito until he finds its … Read more

Shadowverse Episode 29: The Legendary Cards!


Shadowverse is an anime adaptation of a top-rated Japanese game that goes by the same name. It seems like nowadays, video games and mobile games are getting more anime adaptations rather any manga or novel series—for example, the anime Shadowverse itself, A3!, Magatsu Wahrheit, etc. Shadowverse is originally a free-to-play digital collectible card video game. … Read more

Magatsu Wahrheit Episode 4: Innumael Kills The Monster


There are very few games that get their own original anime adaptations. Most of the time, popular anime series are used to create games—for example, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Doraemon etc. But the anime Magastu Wahrheit different. Originally Magatsu Wahrheit was an online multiplayer role-playing game developed for smartphones. The game became so famous that … Read more

Kingdom Chapter 659: Will Man’U Win or Die?


It’s almost time for the release of the upcoming 65th chapter of the manga Kingdom. The events in the last chapter we quite exhilarating. And the ending of the chapter definitely left us all at a cliffhanger. The fight between Moubu and Man’U is getting intense. Are there any chances by which Man’U will be … Read more