Kit Harrington will star as Black Knight in Marvel comics ‘2020’

Black Knight is a character made by Stan Lee. Sir Percy of Scandia, also known as the original Black Knight, is a fictional character created by Stan Lee. Nathan is also known as criminal is the descendant of the original again created by Stan Lee. The third in a row is Dane Whitman created by Roy Thomas and John Verpoorten. Reginald Hudlin created the fourth one.

Kit Harrington will star as Black Knight in Marvel comics ‘2020’

As per the information the Marvel Studios at D23 expo announced that Moon Knight would have its TV series at Disney+. Also, new Black Knight will get featured in Eternals which is said to get premiered next year.

The Black Knight will be performed by one to the most loved character of Game Of Thornes Kit Harrington. Marvel Comics C.B. Cebulski has confirmed that both characters would figure prominently in the comic book shortly. Black Knight would appear in 2019 October’s Punisher Kill Krew #3, and also in Eternals in 2020.

C.B. Cebulski twitted about featuring Moon Knight and Black Knight shortly on his twitter handle.

Variety twitted about Kit joining Marvel cast.

There are many tweets about Harington joining Marvel Studios as Black Knight, The one from the warp is:

Fans get ready to meet Harry in a new Avatar next year.

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