Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 Zeke Screams! – Let’s Discuss!

What an episode it was my friends, what an episode! Just when you think that this show can’t get any better it does, with a fricking bang! The attack on titan season 4 part 2 episode 3, was full of twists and turns.

The episode begins with Zeke falling down and Eren trying desperately to reach him. However, right when he’s about to scream, eren asks him to wait, and Colt arrives over there with his brother Falco. He begs Zeke to not scream, till the time Falco is out of his range, he begs for the life to save his younger brother at any cost.


However, Zeke tells Colt that he understands exactly what he is feeling and that he too must protect his younger brother Eren at any cost, and that is when we see, the hundreds of soldiers who drank Zeke’s spinal fluid including Falco turn into giant titans.

Everyone’s, shell shocked, and while turning into a titan Falco ends up burning his brother colt alive, much to Gabi’s horror. However, the biggest blow was undoubtedly given to Reiner, who is trying not only to subdue eren but to also to protect Falco, who in his titan form is trying to eat Reiner’s nape.


However, as Reiner ends up making contact with Galliard. Galliard learns that Reiner was never supposed to inherit the armored titan, his elder brother the previous owner of the masked titan Porco, tricked Reiner to protect Galliard.

Galliard is shocked, as to the limits his brothers crossed, and thus he undoes his titan form and allows Falco to eat him and inherit his titan. Eren takes advantage of this commotion and realizes that even after Piecks attack, his brother Zeke is still alive and hardens his titan form to trap Reiner and rushes over to Zeke.

However, everyone’s hated character the idiotic Gabi arrives once again, putting a bullet in eren, cutting off his head, and just when we think that he’s dead, it turns out that he was able to make contact with his brother and the two of them are transported over to the goddess Ymir’s position.

Subjects Of Ymir, Who Is She?


The episode then shifts to eren being transported to the founder Ymir’s position, where he sees his brother Zeke being trapped in chains. Zeke asks ere to order Ymir to euthanize every Eldian of the world and to stop this hell.

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Eren however, betrays Zeke and asks the founder Ymir the one who created all the titans to lend him her power. However, the founder moves past eren and goes to Zeke, who reveals to him that this was just a test and that Ymir is actually the slave of the family with royal blood and will only listen to them and their will.

Zeke even though betrayed, promises eren to return for him, and save his life once again, and the two of them make contact, starting the rumbling.

My Take On Recent Episode


Although, Zeke tells eren that the goddess Ymir is the slave of the royal blood, without any of her won will, i still find it hard to believe. However, the biggest problem that we’re all facing now is “now what?”. The people of Marley have for long ostracized and tortured the eldians for the atrocities their ancestors committed. However, the people behind the walls are just normal people, with no malice in their hearts.

Eren realizes that and knows that the war that we’re all seeing now is just a matter of time, their forces would have come one day or another, and he wanted to make sure that the war happened in front of him, right when he still hold the power of the founding titan, something for which his father sacrificed everything for.

Eren wants to make sure that the world knows the terror of titans that his people have suffered from for countless years. But, will he be successful. Is destroying the entire world the only option? And will he finally be able to break down the walls of paradis island and fulfill his promise? Make sure to not miss out on Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 4 titled “memories of the past” released this Sunday.

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