“Tall Girl 2”: All You Need To Know About The Soon To Come Rom-Com Film.

Netflix’s 2019 popular rom-com show ‘Tall Girl’ is all set to return with a sequel to it, and we cannot wait to tell you everything about and around it! An American series directed by Nzingha Stewart, with Sam Wolfson as the screenplay artist. ‘Tall Girl’ premiered on September 13, 2019, for the first time. It was one of the most talked-about Netflix Originals of its time. While it proved controversial to some, it bagged over 41 Million views in just the first four weeks of its release!

Tall Girl 2

To Know if the sequel will also be thrashed down by controversies or will it rise above and ahead of our expectations, let’s get to discuss it further!

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‘Tall Girl’: Plot

The first film, ‘Tall Girl,’ has the plot rotating around our main character, Jodi, who implied from the title is a tall girl, quite insecure and underconfident about her appearance. After years of slouching through life, 6-foot-1 teen Jodi resolves to conquer her insecurities and gets caught up in a high school love triangle. By the end of the first film, we see the newly found confidence glowing in Jodi as she slowly accepts herself!

It will be interesting to see what does the character head to next? And there is not much of a wait to that! Check below!

‘Tall Girl 2’: Plot

“Tall Girl 2”: All You Need To Know About The Soon To Come Rom-Com Film.

The sequel, Tall Girl 2, is expected to show Jodi as a thriving and rising individual, and it is gladdening to see her overcome her insecurities. She finds new-lit confidence kindling within her. Here is the Official Synopsis from Netflix:

After her inspiring speech at the homecoming dance, Jodi (Ava Michelle) is no longer just the “tall girl” – she’s popular, confident, has a boyfriend, and just booked the lead role in this year’s school musical. But as the pressure of her newfound popularity intensifies, so do her insecurities, and new relationships are formed while old ones are tested. As the world she built starts to crumble around her, Jodi realizes that standing tall is only just the beginning. Landing the lead in the school musical is a dream come true for Jodi until the pressure sends her confidence — and her relationship — into a tailspin.”

When & Where To Watch ‘Tall Girl 2’?

“Tall Girl 2”: All You Need To Know About The Soon To Come Rom-Com Film.

Netflix has released a trailer confirming the release date and time of the sequel, ‘Tall Girl 2’. The film’s second installment starts to drop on February 11, 2022, at 01:30 IST. (i.e. 09:00 am BST, Midnight PST & 03:00 am EST) On the official streaming service, Netflix.

‘Tall Girl 2’ Cast –

Our favorite artists have returned to the sequel’s cast, along with some new introductions. The show is starring:

  • Ava Michelle (as Jodi Kreyman)
  • Griffin Gluck (as Jack Dunkleman)
  • Sabrina Carpenter (as Harper Kreyman)
  • Anjelika Washington (as Fareeda)
  • Luke Eisner (as Stig Mohlin)
  • Clara Wilsey (as Kimmy Stitcher)
  • Rico Paris (as Schniper)
  • Steve Zahn (as Richie Kreyman)
  • Angela Kinsey (as Helaine Kreyman)

Some new faces-

  • Jan Luis Castellanos (as Tommy Torres)
  • Johanna Liauw (as Stella)

Tall Girl 2

While Sam Wolfson is the screenplay artist for the sequel, as director, we will see Emily Ting for Tall Girl 2.

‘Tall Girl 2’ Trailer-

Netflix dropped the Trailer on January 19, 2022. In case you missed watching it, here it is-

What Message Does The Film Deliver?

Emily Ting tries to deliver an essential message in a humorous and romantic gesture. Through this teenage American rom-com, she looks forward to instilling in the teenagers a sense of self-love and complete acceptance of whoever they originally are! The Movie is all about finding confidence within ourselves, Standing tall!

We know you are also eager to see how well this message gets portrayed and how well the series proves to be; let’s be glad we don’t have to wait very long to find this out! Till then, comment and tell us what you expect from Tall Girl 2?!

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