“The Orbital Children”: New Sci-Fi Anime Premieres SOON! Check When And Where?

Netflix is set to premiere the new Japanese Sci-fi Anime Film, “The Orbital Children,” soon! During the Netflix Festival Event of Japan, Netflix declared that Mitsuo Iso’s soon-to-come original Anime, ‘Extra-terrestrial girls and boys, ‘will be premiered on Netflix under the name, The Orbital Children.

‘The Orbital Children’: Direction & Production

Mitsuo Iso has penned and administrated this Anime who has also navigated 2007’s Dennou Coil Series. He has also worked on epic titles like “Evangelion” & “Gundam.” Similar to the sci-fi series ‘Dennou Coil,’ “Extra-terrestrial girls and boys” is also Iso’s original idea! It is gladdening to note that this series would be the first colossal animation work of Production house +h.

The Orbital Children

The Plot

The plot of “The Orbital Children,” as described by Wikipedia, is as follows-

The story takes place in the year 2045 in outer space, where AI, the internet, and social networking sites are widespread. A massive accident occurred on a newly opened Japanese commercial space station, and a group of children was left behind. With no hope of rescue from adults, their lifeline is a barely surviving narrowband, a social network, a free application of low-intelligence AI and a drone controlled by a next-generation mobile device called “Smart.” Using these tools with the help of AI, they take actions to survive and arrive at the “true meaning” of a terrifying prophecy from the most intelligent AI in history. Will they be able to survive the crisis?

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Netflix describes the set of the Anime as ‘In 2045, two children born on the moon and three kids from Earth try to survive after an accident on their space station leaves them stranded.’

Release Date And Platform

The Anime is scheduled to premiere in two parts. The first Part releases on 28th January and the second part will surface on 11th February. The lucky audiences in Japan will also have a theatrical experience of the movie as it will be released simultaneously on DVD & Blu-ray Disc. however, for the rest of the world, the Official streaming OTT platform is Netflix.

The Orbital Children

A total of six episodes are in line for each part of this series. Trailer and visuals have also surfaced recently. Read ahead to know every detail about The Orbital Children.

Characters, Cast And Voice-over Artists

The Anime character designer is Kenichi Yoshida, who is also the animation director. However, Toshiyuki Inoue stands as the main animator. Rei Ishizuka provided the music in the film.

 Voice-over Artists Character
1. Chinatsu Akasaki Miina Azumi
2. Natsumi Fujiwara Touya
3. Kensho Ono Taiyou
4. Yumiko Kobayashi Hiroshi


The production of this Anime was announced in May 2018, and they wrapped up the productions by October 2020, not letting the Covid situation affect much of their work.


In the third week of December, Netflix released a trailer for the first part of the movie, giving us all a peep into this sci-fi animated drama which is about to blow our screens veryyy soon! The response after that has been very positive on both the teaser and the trailer, making us all anticipate the release even more!

What Do We Expect From ‘The Orbital Children’?


The trailer stirs one’s mind much to all that one can expect from the future, be it the flying vehicles, the AIs, or the entire life based on technology. However, the trailer also throws light on some of the evils of society that have somehow made their way into the future. Thus, dropping hints of the dystopian nature of the future.

Netflix describes the set of the Anime as ‘In 2045, two children born on the moon and three kids from Earth try to survive after an accident on their space station leaves them stranded.’

It will obviously be amazing to experience this Japanese sci-fi & fantasy anime ‘The Orbital Children’. So make sure to mark the dates and do not miss out on any updates!

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