Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date Confirmed

Since the beginning of the anime series various arcs have been covered. At present the Big Bang Mission arc is going on. This arc will be ending soon. So, as the arc is on the verge of completing there will be a twist in the story. Due to the climax, the story will turn out to be intense and dark. We previously saw that Goku and Vegeta along with other Z fighters, defeated Janemba. But the struggle does not end quickly. It is predicted that a new villain will come in the upcoming episode. The danger for z fighters never ends. But, no matter how challenging the situation is, z fighters get pass through it. What will happen at the end of this arc?  We will know soon. Let us know the release date of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 3 Episode 7.

Moreover, see the prediction of the upcoming episode.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 3 Episode 7
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Release date of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 3 Episode 7

The previous episode of the anime series aired on August 27, 2020. The anime series is a monthly, so it releases new episodes every month. Also, there will be a change in airing time and date of the episode. This happens because of the different time zone.

The upcoming Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 3 Episode seven will release on September 30, 2020. I.e. Today. The airing time of the episode is 6:30 PM as per Japan Standard Time. Note the time difference according to the region you stay in.


Fans expect that Vegeta will do something huge. A new villain is on his way. This is an indication to Universe 7 members that they need to stay alert. But being just warning will not be enough. Universe 7 members has to train hard to face the newest villain.

Who will be the villain? We have no clue of that yet. The predictions show that the villain is Cumber. The one who fought with metal cooler. During his first fight he was severely harmed. And so to take the revenge, he will come back.

Learned from his previous defeat, Cumber came back stronger. How will the members save themselves and the innocent? One can only know after watching the upcoming episode.

If you have not watched the previous episode better watch it now. Soon, the new episode is airing. YOu can stream the episodes on Fuji TV, and live-streaming on Youtube is available.

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