New Boruto Promo Gives Details About Kara Arc; Major Moment Revealed

Since days team seven has been looking for Hashirama cells. But, defeating every challenging situation, they are still on their way. The terror of the devil getting those cells do not let them rest. As use f those cells can be done for monstrous works. So, team 7 members need to reach till the cells as soon as possible. Only 20% of the journey was left when the team found a fantastic company. They could now track the villains easily on any terrain. Also, the quality of attack against the villains improved because of this catalyst. A data network which came to team seven at just the right time. Will it help them to reach to the cells faster? Or even with the help of this, they will lose the cells? One can find out this by watching the episodes of the anime series. New Boruto Promo shows that is very relatable to the kara arc.

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New Boruto Promo
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What does the new Boruto promo teases?

The new promo of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations teases the real fight of team 7 with kara members. It shows that the upcoming episode will have the most awaited prominent kara arc moment. The next move of the team 7 will be here for real. The one which fans have been waiting for since the kara arc begun. 

Fans were sad to see that the villains Deepa and Victor defeated team 7. Konohamaru leads the team. Now the only thing which has kept the faith of the fans is the next move. How will team members retaliate on this attack? We can only know after the episode releases.

Both Mugino and Konohamaru went to investigate the company lead by Victor. There is a lot of risk in what they are doing. However, that is the only chance of team 7 members. It has never been easy to go into the kara territory. But, for the excellent team, seven will do anything they need to.

Once an old lady told Mugino about his fate. It seems that it will hold! The suspense created by the promo is immeasurable. Fans and other viewers can not have till the next episode airs.

What d you think of this promo? Does it give you chills? Do not forget to watch the previous episode if you have not yet. You can stream the episodes oof Boruto: Naruto Next Generations on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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