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Covid 19 Causing Troubles For Comic Retailers

Covid 19 is a primary threat to stepping outdoors nowadays. Because of this, Comic retailers are undergoing significant losses. To solve this issue, many creators have come together to give out some resources to all comic lovers.

The entire world is suffering from the covid 19 pandemics. But few American states like California and New York have taken a few steps. These states have made it mandatory to shut down all the businesses except a few mandatory ones. As a result, they have shut bookstores and comic stores.

Diamond Comic Distributors is the largest comic distributor. It announced that it would not take new orders the next week because of covid. It affects the future of the comic industry. Hence, many creators are concerned about it. Creators have come together as one to provide their help.

Covid 19

Leah Williams, one of the creators of X-factor, Gwenpool Strikes Back, and The Amazing Mary Jane, is keeping us posted. It’s about creators coming as one to help both retailers and readers during this challenging pandemic time. In these tough times, even small efforts are worth it.

Issues because of Covid 19:

Comics Pro Patrol is a crisis management organization of comic professionals. Hence, they went public on twitter recently about Covid 19 pandemic. This group is trying to generate a retailers map that gives access to the services and also a protocol for readers to help these retailers. Few of the writers included are the writer of The Immortal Hulk, Al Ewing, BOOM! Studios VP Arune Singh and many more.

An ever-growing map of stores that provides curbside pick-up is also made accessible to us. It is a first step for readers who are interested in practicing social distancing and for those who are staying indoors in fear of covid 19. More opportunities are up for shops without online support. They are going to take help from CBLDF, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. This helps shops to be up to date with various resources. Adding to this, a webinar is going to scheduled on March 27 for telling about the financial aid.

Covid 19

Due to cancellation and postponement of various conventions because of covid 19, a lot of loss has occurred to the writers who would sell their works directly to the fans. Adding to these losses, restrictions, and temporary closures for retailers have increased their troubles.

But even in these tough times, the comic community is trying their best to help both retailers and readers to cover up their loss. And also by providing ways to boost their businesses for both small scale and large scale retailers and allows creators to interact with fans while practicing the preventative measures for Covid 19.


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