Batman Comics: Few Epics Of The Gotham City

Batman comics are quite famous for showing Batman’s never-ending efforts to maintain harmony in the world. Most of these wars take place for this very reason. Along with Batman, the Dark knight is also the part of the same community, one of the most intriguing sagas of DC Universe.

As we look back, these comics of Batman take a serious reading time to finish. These classic comics of more than 200 issues are available for reading digitally on DC Universe, aka. Comixology.

Batman: No Man’s Land

After being hit by a large scale earthquake, Gotham city bears a lot of loss both culturally and physically. The police force fails to control the chaos, and thousands are homeless and staying on the streets. To manage this chaos, Batman, along with his allies, tries to rebuild the broken city. During this time, Dark Knight Rises and tries to exploit the chaos. It is an attempt to get command over the city in the comic, Batman: No Man’s Land.

Batman Comics

Throughout 1999, these crossovers were the main story. The prequel Batman: Cataclysmhad has shown the main earthquake. Batman: Road to No Man’s Land is about the immediate fallout from the shock. But to understand the real story, we need to read over 100 issues of the Batman comics as this set is the most prolonged saga to date. It is also considered the best. The masterminds behind the comics are Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka. It also throws limelight on Harley Quinn and Cassandra Cainas. They introduced themselves  here.

Batman Comics: Knightfall

One of the main objectives of Bane is to break Batman. He released an army of Arkham inmates onto Batman. As Batman attempts to restore the order, Bane tries to make moves to destroy Batman. Along with batman’s life, he decided to ruin Bruce Wayne’s life as well. And this resulted in a Darker Batman watching over the Gotham City. Therefore, this is the comic “Knightfall.”

Batman comics

As this is one of the biggest comic storylines, these comics are one of the most famous tales. This established the greatest adventures of Bane and Batman. It has inspired the Batman comics, The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman Comics: Legends Of The Dark Knight

In the period 1989 to 2007, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight has provided opportunities to a lot of writers and creators a vision to see the world in his eyes. Batman: No Man’s Land has narrated stand-alone stories that have taken place in batman’s career.

Batman comics

  • Grant Morrison
  • Warren Ellis
  • Mike Mignola
  • Tim Sale
  • Garth Ennis
  • Matt Wagner
  • Chris Bachalo

And many other writers have contributed to the Batman comics: Legends of the Dark Knight. There are many stories about many specific characters.

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