A Condition  Called Love, The Teenage Love story.

The world is full of love and affection. Some are very exciting and some and painful and conditioned. Today by sitting in the Quarantine, I hope you are doing well to regulate your mind. I think it is the time when you should think about some critical spiritualistic and naturalistic concerns. Love is all complex simply. Our today’s blog is on the anime named A Condition  Called Love.

Love is a feeling in both ways; It’s a phase of mind where you come through so many chemical reactions in your brain. Love is all conditioned either naturally or rationally. But al last, it is conditional. So apart from those philosophical thoughts, let’s move forward and talk about the love story of Hotaru and Hananoi.


A Condition  Called Love

The Synopsis: A Condition  Called Love

The genre of the story is romantic; hence there is no doubt that there will be patch-ups, break ups, cry, hurt, laugh, love, and all distinct characters. The story goes around a 16-year-old high school first-year girl named Hotaru and her schoolmate, Hananoi.

Hotaru is a girl who always has uncertainty and doubtfulness about love. She is kinda ambivalent about romanticism. Rather than all these teenage romance, she prefers to have a sparkling life with her family and friends. But nothing is static. Love too Came in her life. The day changed her when Hananoi asked her out. The day before the magical outcome, Hananoi mingled through a public break up and was broken brutally inward, his heart and mind. On that day, Hotaru accompanied him and offered him her umbrella and some kind words in the snow. When everything for Hananoi was finished, and he was pale like the snow, Hataru fills some color in his heart by those kind words. And thus their story begins! The love story of a  girl with uncertainty in love and a school famous boy. 


The Story Goes On…

The story goes on with so many uncertainties from both sides. The girl can’t find out What the deal is! And the boy little hesitates to ask the girl, but he desperately wants Hotaru for his own. Not as her girlfriend but for as her own to treat her with kindness. He wants to make her HIS ALL. Slowly, the world around them starts to be the same. The start to notice each other’s skills and flows. Their angle of thinking too become related. When she thinks his short hair is manageable, Hananoi cuts his off.

When he finds she won’t like his pierced ears, he quickly removes his earrings. When Hotaru says her little sister has a personage skating concert on Christmas, he finds the exact course, so that he could take Hotaru on a date.


Like All the Love Trails, When It also comes to its end,

Like all the teenage love stories, when Hotura feels that Hananoi is taking aid of her avowed innocence and marginal interest and using those back to manipulate her emotionally, Hotaru thinks to end the play of Love. She deems of ending their trial dating period and asks if they can still be friends. This phase of Love is very annoying, here heart says to stay, and the brain wants to move on. This Phase should have a unique terminology as The Universal problem Phase in Love.

But, Hananoi was not ready to be her like friends! He wants her as His all. After coming through Hotura’s proposal, he advises her not to quit the dates or else she could see him again. Bur Hotura was still not sure if ut was Love or nit! The all typical Love Story!!


The story is so much connected if you can relate. But if you can’t connect the small neurons altogether, the story, the phases of twitch, the pain, the love would be no of use.

If you like the context, go through the page and find more love.


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