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You Are Beyond Anime Movie Now Available Exclusively On Crunchyroll

Just like Netflix is famous for streaming and bringing out new and improved TV shows from all over the world the otaku community has Crunchyroll, a streaming platform exclusively for anime and mangas and a haven for the anime lovers out there. With the recent boost in the popularity of the Japanese anime industry, it comes as no surprise that Crunchyroll is also taking huge strides of success which becomes more evident with the latest Crunchyroll original animes that have begun garnering a lot of attention like Tower Of God, God of High School and many more. The streaming site is especially popular in the North American and European region and is steadily gaining more and more followers with time. Therefore, it is no surprise that the streaming platform also wants to do its best to make sure that its subscribers have the access to all the latest anime, movies, and mangas out there and one of the new additions that the platform had been eyeing on for quite some time is “You Are Beyond” anime film.

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You Are Beyond is a fantasy/slice-of-life and a bit of isekai-ish genre film that revolves around the strange adventures of a high school girl named Mio. The story follows the life of Mio, a young girl who has ever since her childhood been in love with one of her best friends a boy named Arata. However, afraid of conveying her feelings and losing Arata forever, Mio resorts to hiding her true emotions. However, as we all know the more we hide our feelings the stronger they get. Therefore, due to her pent-up frustration and un-conveyed emotions, Mio and Arata end up getting into a heated fight, causing her great distress, however unable to calm her mind Mio rushes in the pouring torrential rain towards her love Arata to try and apologize for her words but little did she know that she won’t ever make it as the young girl gets into a fatal accident.

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After her deadly crash, Mio to her surprise wakes up in a land that can be only be described as the city of dreams and now must navigate through it to find her way back home. However, before going home, Mio must find her most treasured memory, a memory tying her strongly to her previous life. With the clock ticking and being stranded in the strange land will Mio ever be able to make it back? Or will she get stuck in the loop of her memories, knowing very well that she cannot ever go back home?

To find the answer to these questions and to know more about the fate of Mio make sure to watch the movie Kimi Wa Kanata or You Are Beyond available exclusively on Crunchyroll. The movie, however, will be only available to the audience living in North American, European, and South African regions, which means that unfortunately, the Asian audience will have to wait.

Make sure to check out the series’ trailer the link to which has been attached below! To know more about the latest news and updates of your favorite movies, animes and mangas make sure to keep on following our post!


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