Miss Kobayashi Volume S: Extra Episode’s Preview

The franchise has opted to release another volume of the anime series on Blu-ray and DVD. Though the franchise called the previous four volumes Volume 1,2,3,4, the fifth one is Volume S. The S volume will feature an exclusive unaired episode. Hence we can say that Pony Canyon and Kyoto Animations have taken a significant step to promote Miss Kobayashi Volume S. The DVD and Blu-ray disc will be released on January 19th, 2022.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Volume S New PV For Unaired Episode:

The promotion video was a short one comprising only a minute. However, it revealed the plot of the exclusive episode. While It features most of the characters, it mainly focuses on Kanna Kamui. Since all the Mini Dora episodes are focused on Kanna, it seemed relevant to maintain this in the exclusive one. Next, we get to see the gang enjoying their holidays.

Kanna enlightens after meeting her friend Chloe who was introduced in the last episode of season 2. At first, Rikko gets jealous to see how close Kanna and Chloe are to each other. However, she soon joins the gang, and we get to see the trio giggling and having fun. The title of Miss Kobayashi Volume S is “Nippon no Omotenashi,” or My Attendant Is A Dragon. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid anime is available on Netflix.

Contents And Price Of Miss Kobayashi Volume S

On October 20th, the official YouTube channel of KyoAni featured a new promotional video for Miss Kobayashi Volume S. Apart from introducing the plot; it also disclosed the content of Volume S. Therefore, Volume S will contain the following merchandise:

  • TV unbroadcast story “extra edition.”
  • All 13 episodes of “Mini-Dora” distribution
  • “Mini-Dora” Sp All 3 episodes
  • New “Mini-Dora” Ex.5
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In addition, a special Deluxe Edition Iruru’s Box with limited benefits is also available. The contents of which are added to the Volume S standard box. However, this addition isn’t included in the first limited edition box. Thus, the additional contents are:

  • Iruru’s Box of Truth (using illustrations drawn by character design Miku Kadowaki)
  • Special Select Conte Collection (TV unbroadcast story “Extra Edition”)
  • Illustration card was drawn by the original Coolkyousinnjyu

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Furthermore, the channel also revealed the pricing of different Miss Kobayashi Volume S. Which is:

For Luxury version:

Vol.1 to Vol.4: 13,200 yen (tax included)
Vol.S: 9,900 yen (tax included)

For First Limited Edition:

Vol.1 to Vol.4: 9,900 yen (tax included)
Vol.S: 6,600 yen (tax included)

Vol.1 to Vol.4: 8,800 yen (tax included)
Vol.S: 5,500 yen (tax included)