Super Crooks A Brand New Anime Coming Soon On Netlfix!

Netflix, a name that was previously unknown has taken the entertainment industry by a surprise by becoming one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. The streaming service has managed to spread its branches and influence worldwide and has constantly brought out previously unknown artists and given them a new stage and a platform to help them bring out some of the best stories the world has ever seen. The global outreach of the platform and its constant search for new talent has made it one of the most sought out streaming platforms out there and for good reason, and on its way to look for new ideas and stories, Netlfix has recently announced the release of a brand new anime titled Super Crooks.

The plot of the super crooks is going to be absolutely a fan favorite for our readers who loved the movies and shows like Ocean’s 11, Suicide squad, and money heist. As the show’s name suggests the series literally highlights the life of a bunch of crooks with superpowers. However, let’s take a deeper look into what the show is really all about.

Plot Of Super Crooks


The story of super crooks revolves around a world of heroes and supervillains. Where supervillains end up in jail and heroes are there to put them there. However, are all the bad guys in the prison really bad? The story of the series highlights the life of Heat, a conman, who has been successfully pulling one over and fooling people for years. However, one wrong move has now successfully landed him in jail, with an insane amount of debt on his back from some really dangerous loan sharks that really don’t mess around. Therefore, his impending debt with no way to pay it back has ultimately resulted in heat’s life being in danger, and being locked up in prison with no escape really doesn’t help his case.

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However, just when one of the most successful con-man in history was about to give up, an unfamiliar face presents itself, Johnny Bolt, who it turns out is a big fan of Heat and keeps an offer in front of him that he can’t refuse, an offer to rob one of the world’s most dangerous and powerful mob bosses along with a dream team recruited by Johnny himself. However, will robbing a supervillain with insane powers be that easy? Make sure to check out the series and find out.

Release Date And Updates


If you loved reading the show’s plot then you will absolutely love the news we have for you, after releasing the series’ latest trailer (link attached below) Netflix also announced that season 1 of Super Crooks will be exclusively released on their platform worldwide on the 25th of November 2021. Therefore, get ready to have your mind blown away because super crooks are coming this winter to make your chilly winters slightly warm from all the excitement! To know more about all the latest updates on your favorite shows, movies and animes make sure to show some love to our post!