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Spy x Family Release Confirmed For 2022

The action thriller comedy manga is up for an anime adaptation. Spy x Family has confirmed an anime release in 2022 with a YouTube video on the TOHO animation official channel. Moreover, the video also revealed the staff and one of the main cast of the anime. Since Spy x Family manga received tremendous love from the fans, it quickly gained an anime adaptation. Hence, let’s get into all the details about the upcoming anime.

Spy x Family Trailer:

The official YouTube channel of TOHO animation released a minute-long trailer video on November 1st, 2021. Additionally, the description gave us the main plot of the upcoming anime. It introduced the main characters Loid, Yor, and Anya Forger. Furthermore, the voice actor of Loid Forger described the storyline in brief. In addition, the trailer of Spy x Family also foreshadowed some action scenes involving Floid and Yor. The anime is set to release in 2022. However, no specific date or month has been specified.

The anime will follow the manga storyline by Tatsuya Endo. Kazuhiro Furuhashi, known for his fantastic work in Dororo, will be directing the anime. Moreover, Kazuaki Shimada will work on the character design. He’s mostly known for his work in The Promised Neverland. In addition, the famous music group (K) NoW_NAME will be handling the musical department. Wit Studio and Cloverworks will be the producers of the anime adaptation of Spy x Family. Lastly, Takuya Eguchi is playing the role of Loid Forger. Since Eguchi has a deep voice, he’ll be the perfect fit for playing Loid.

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The Plot Of The Anime.

The anime of Spy x Family will follow the original storyline by Tatsuya Endo. As the name suggests, the storyline focuses on a family of spies. Furthermore, the anime will give numerous humor content and wholesome scenes. Twilight, a.k.a Loid Forger, is a spy from Westlais who has to make a family infiltrate Ostania.

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Since the countries have been on the verge of a Cold War, Loid has to play a crucial role. Due to his latest mission- Operation Strix, he has to adopt a child and marry someone to make a family. Thus, the teams up with Thorn Princes, a.k.a, Yor Forger, and Anya Forger. Unknowingly, Yor is a world-class assassin, and Anya has the power to read other people’s minds. Hence, the journey of Loid along with his extraordinary undercover family begins. The manga of Spy x Family is available on Viz and Shonen Jump+ globally in English.

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