The Heike Monogatari English Cast Revealed

Funimation and Science SARU‘s original anime The Heike Monogatari or Heike Story is finally up for wraps for English Dub release. Hence, the list of the cast of the anime is out now. Furthermore, the anime is also set to release with an English dub on Wednesday. Not only are the fans excited to watch the series, but they’re also happy to know their favorite actors playing the characters of the anime.

Heike Story – The English Dub Cast

The cast of the anime will be working under Mike McFarland, Jose Sandoval, and William Dewel. Moreover, they will be handling the ADR direction, engineering, and mixing, respectively. Lastly, the cast of the English Dub for The Heike Monogatari is as follows:

Xanthe Huynh will be playing the Biwa. Since Biwa is a soft-spoken girl with a magical voice, the role is a perfect fit for Xanthe. Additionally, she has played numerous roles with soft voices such as Platelets from Cells At Work and Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko no Basketball.

Next, John Gremillion will be the Shigemori Taira in English Dub. With his experience and acting skills, he’ll surely pull out the best potential from Taira’s dialogues. Moreover, he has played Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia and Chapelle Roland from Food Wars. His presence in The Heike Monogatari anime will be one to look forward to.

Suzie Yeyung will be filling up the role of Tokuko Taira. Though Suzie is a rookie in the voice acting business, she has proved her talent to be remarkable. Playing the role of Tokuko will be a significant step towards her future. Suzie has played Subaru from Gleipinir and Sumi from Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Frank Todaro would be showing his voice acting skills through Kiyomori Taira. Additionally, Todaro has played Salman from Fena and Chudelkin from SAO. Hence, let’s see how well he performs in The Heike Monogatari anime.

Furthermore, Garrett Schenck, Anjali Kunapaneni, Randy Pearlman, and Douglas Gill will fill the roles of Go-Shirakawa, Sukemori, Tokitada, and Koremori, respectively. Garrett has played Gowasu from Dragon Ball Super. Next, Anjali is the voice actor of Karin from Fena: The Pirate Princess. Randy has played Ivankov from One Piece. Hence, here are all the new voice actors of the English Dub of The Heike Monogatari anime.

Biwa (Image: Twitter)

The plot of The Heike Monogatari :

The story revolves around Biwa, a blind girl who’s got the gift to see the future. Furthermore, the events from the story take place in the Heian to Muramuchi period, i.e., 79-1573 A.D. in Japan. Since wars were at their peak during the time, Biwa was orphaned. However, she makes her living by singing songs. Next, she meets up with the heir of the Taira clan, Taira no Shigemori. After knowing about Biwa’s powers, he befriends her to come out at the top after the wars. The Heike Monogatari series puts lots of effort into Biwa’s music, through which she tells tales about war and life. Funimation has released the episodes of the anime and will be releasing the dub versions from Wednesday onwards.

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