Hiro Aikawa’s Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love Manga Ends in October

Kodansha’s Bessatsu Friend magazine’s official website disclosed on Friday about the end of the Hiro Aikawa’s Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love (Mikami-sensei no Aishikata) manga with the magazine’s next edition on October 12. Kodancha Comics issues the manga digitally in English. As per this comic the manga is illustrated in the following way:

Natsume, a sixteen year old young girl doesn’t even know the letter r of the word relationship as she does not have a boyfriend up till now. The credit for this goes to her super overprotective neighbor, a high school teacher, Mikami-Sensei. The neighbour’s peculiar despotic fondness seems to man oeuvre Natsume every time whether she is at home or at school. A very strong influence of him is overpowering her mind. But despite of all this, an unimaginable twist comes in their relationship. A bond which at first seemed to be a bond between a brother and his sister.

Aikawa premiered the manga in Bessatsu Friend in September 2014. The manga’s seventh compiled book volume was published by Kodansha on July 12. Again on July 16, the sixth English volume of the manga was issued by Kodansha Comics.

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