What Is Usodere Dere Type in Anime?

Usodere is a type of dere that lies and uses tricks to win the heart of their loved ones. They cover up the truth to attain the things they want from others or their loved ones. Meaning of Usodere Dere Type Anime The term Usodere combines “Usotsuki” and “deredere.” The word “usotsuki” (嘘つき)  means Liar, … Read more

What Is Nemuidere Dere Type Anime

Nemuidere refers to the characters who spend most of their time sleeping. These sleeping patterns are not always intentional but also sometimes unintentional. Meaning of Nemuidere Dere The term nemuidere is derived from the Japanese word “nemui” (眠い), and “deredere” (デレデレ). Nemui means “sleepy”, and “deredere” (デレデレ) means “lovey-dovey.” Thus, the character loves to sleep … Read more

What is Ahodere Dere Type Anime?

Ahodere is a term that is very popular on Japanese social media. The characters belonging to the Ahodere type have an oblivious feeling of love. Meaning of Ahodere Type The word Ahodere combines “aho”  and “dere.” The word “aho” (アホ), means “stupid,” and “deredere” (デレデレ) means “lovey-dovey.” Thus Ahodere defines the characters that behave stupidly … Read more

What is Utsudere Dere Types Anime?

“Utsudere” refers to sad and depressed characters in the anime. They are not as sad as shundere characters, but they will show depression whenever they are sad. The primary difference between Utsundere and Shundere anime is that utsudere characters have a good reason to be depressed. While shundere characters are sad from the beginning because … Read more

What is Nyandere Dere Types in Anime?

“Nyandere” is a dere type of an archetype character in Japanese fictional stories. It is related to cats. Often the characters are very obsessed with the cats. Meaning of Nyandere Dere Type The word nyandere (ニャンデレ) is a compound of “Nyan” (ニャン),  and “dere” (デレデレ). Here the first word means something related to cat. It … Read more

What is Kanedere Dere Types Anime?

A “Kanedere” refers to an archetype character in Japanese fictional stories. This character is attracted to other people for money or status. Meaning of Kanedere The word Kanedere is the combination of  “Kane” and “Dere.” The word Kane refers to Money or gold. On the other, Dere means Lovey-dovey. The characters that show affection to … Read more

What is Hajidere Dere Anime Type?

A “Hajidere” refers to an archetype character in Japanese fictional tales. The character carries excessive shyness. Especially when they are around their crush or loved one, the shyness reflects unconditionally. Meaning of Hajidere Dere The word Hajidere is a combination of two words- Haji and Dere. Haji means embarrassment (恥はじ), and Dere means Lovey Dovey. So, … Read more

What is Yottadere Dere Type In Anime?

Yottadere is a dere-type anime character addicted to their constant drinking of alcohol. These characters are always seen with bottles in their hands. They are sober in real-time. Generally, in the presence of their loved ones, the yottodere characters formed themselves from drinking. Meaning of Yottodera Dere Anime The word Yottadere is the combination of … Read more

What is Erodere Dere Type In Anime?

Erodere characters are one of the dere-type characters in Japanese anime history. This character acts like a pervert and is lustful in the beginning. But gradually, they become love stuck. Meaning of the Erodere Dere Type The name Erodere (エロデレ) is the combination of “eroi” (エロい) and “deredere” (デレデレ). Eroi means “erotic” and dere means”lovey-dovey.” … Read more