Kaiju No.8 Anime? Release Date and Everything We Know

Kaiju No.8 Anime is a much-discussed subject theme in the anime industry. The shonen manga which premiered in July 2020 has become very popular. Is this famous series getting an anime to itself? Will we soon see Kafka and Mina on the screen? Read on to find out.

Kaiju No.8 Anime Announcement?

Unfortunately, we have no word from any official sources which state that the anime will happen. Therefore as of now, we know nothing. The reason for this might be a lack of content. Kaiju No.8 has around 30 chapters in its bag. Usually, a manga gets an anime adaptation only after 100-120 chapters have been released. Therefore, Kaiju No.8 anime is not a near-future possibility. The series mostly gets updates thrice a month. Considering this routine, Kaiju No.8 will reach 100 chapters in about two years. Hence, its anime does not seem any close.

Kaiju No.8 Anime Release Date

If we have enough content in two years that is in 2023, we can expect Kaiju No.8 Anime the following year. Going with the desirable scenario, the anime might be announced in December 2023 at the Shueisha Jump Fest Event. The event usually becomes witness to Shueisha’s anime adaptations and fans expect a similar case with Kaiju No.8. If that happens, we might see Kaijus in motion by April or July 2024. For now. weebs speculate it to be in the pre-planning stage.

Kaiju No.8 Plot

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 8 (Image: Worstgen)

In the fictional world of Kaiju No.8, monsters named Kaiju swarm the planet. Of all the affected nations, Japan is the worst hit by these monsters.  Jpan forms a Defense Force whose aim is to annihilate the Kaijus. Mina Ashiro and Kafka Hibino are childhood friends whose hometown was destroyed by Kaijus. Fueled by intense hatred, both of them vow to join the Defense Force. Mina succeeds and goes on to become one of the strongest of the organization. Kafka fails the recruitment test and joins Monster Sweeper Inc. which cleans the Kaiju’s mess.

One day at work, a small kaiju fly enters his body and Kafka earns the ability to transform into a Kaiju. Obviously, he makes it to the Defense Force’s hitlist under the code “Kaiju No.8.” The story then goes on as Kafka juggles himself between a human’s and a monster’s world.

Where to Read the Manga?

For now, all you can do is read the manga. Written by Naoya Matsumoto, the manga is published by Shueisha and currently consists of two volumes and 31 chapters. The manga is doing outstanding and has become the fastest manga to reach a million in sales. You can read the manga on VIZ and Mangaplus.

Mina Ashiro from the manga (Image: Tumbral.com)

Final Words

Kaiju No.8 will (most likely) get an anime of its own. Though not now, in the upcoming 4-5 years, readers can expect an animated version of the series. To know more about the manga, you can refer to this link. Stay tuned for more exciting news!



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