Solo Leveling Chapter 148: Release and Highlights

Solo Leveling Chapter 148 debuts soon. On e of the most popular Manhwas out there, Solo Leveling is currently running through its second season. Fans are stunned by this action webtoon and it has quickly become very popular. As such, readers want to know when their beloved series premiers a new chapter? To know more about the latest installment, read ahead about “Solo Leveling.”

Solo Leveling Chapter 148 Release

Solo Leveling, like many other mangas and manhwas, gets weekly updates. Therefore, the new chapter should be out on 21 April 2021, especially if we consider the weekly trend. Officially, we have received no word about chapter 148, so we can expect it to be on time. Though one cannot be too sure as this chapter might get delayed as well. Chapter 148’s predecessor, chapter 147 also got a week-long delay due to the author’s health issues. Hence all we can do is wait for a word from the publishers.

What is Solo Leveling’s Storyline?

An action, fantasy web novel, it is written by Chu-Gong and later adopted into a manhwa. Set in an alternate reality, after the opening of a portal on Earth, monsters, and beasts begin to appear. On the other hand, some human beings receive special powers with which they can fight off the creatures. These people are known as “Hunters” and are ranked according to their abilities and strength. These portals are known as “Gates”  open up into a place full of monsters known as “Dungeon.” Hunters raid these dungeons to fight overpowering monsters and save people.

Solo Leveling Chapter 133 (Image: Anime Troop)

Among the ‘hunters’ is teenager Sung Jin-Woo, an E-class hunter who is also known as the weakest hunter. Always running the risk of losing his life, Jin-woo still works as a hunter for he must take care of his family. One day while carrying out a raid with his team, he encounters a second gate in the dungeon. His team is wiped out and Sung Jin-Woo “dies” but somehow comes alive and wakes up in a hospital as a “Player.” The story goes on to show JIn-Woo becoming one of the strongest hunters as he unravels mysteries about his world.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147 Gist

Chapter 147 showed National rank hunter Thomas Andre and our beloved Sung Jin-Woo engage in a bone-shaking battle.  Thomas Andre, in chapter 146, was infuriated to see Hwang Dong-Su dead at JIn-Woo’s hands. The two then start fighting which continues in chapter 147. Thomas Andre was badly beaten by Sung Jin-Woo despite Andre’s overwhelming strength. In the end, we see Thomas admitting his defeat. He gets some heavy injuries and survives only because he is a national rank hunter.

Thomas Andre vs. Sung Jin-Woo in Chapter 147 (Image: MAL)

Sung Jin-Woo takes in Dong-Su as one of his shadow soldiers and names him Greed. The chapter ends with Jin-Woo going to the Guilds Conference in America. You can read Solo Leveling on Kakaopage, Piccoma, and Webnovel.

Chapter 148 Spoilers

Though not much is available as spoilers, still chances are chapter 148 will show Sung Jin-Woo at the conference. He will be representing the Ahjin Guild and South Korea there. The chapter might also develop under the light of his recent fight and it might highlight its consequence.

Last Thoughts

Chapter 148 should be out soon. Fans are full of excitement about where this new chapter will lead them in the story of the Shadow Monarch, Sung Jin-Woo. Do not forget to check out other Solo Leveling news here.

For further updates, stay tuned!

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