Ajin Season 3: Are we finally getting it in 2021? Release Date, Plot Details and Spoilers.

Ajin, a supernatural series written by Gamon Sakurai was developed into an anime series in 2016. The first season was released in January 2016 and the second part was released in October 2016. The manga was supposed to be released as 3 parts. Let us see what happened to Ajin Season 3?

Information about Ajin Season 3

The creators have claimed that yes, there is a third animated part to this series. However, it has not been released yet. There were rumours floating around that season 3 was supposed to be released in 2020, but due to the pandemic it was put on hold. The creators themselves have not confirmed such statements. Many are expecting season 3 to be released in 2021, however, we must wait for the creators to confirm this. Even though we may not have an exact date, the creators have not announced a cancellation, and therefore, we can expect the third part to be released eventually.

What is the series Ajin about?

Ajin: Demi-Human revolves around a student by the name of Nagai Kei. When this young boy is fatally injured in a traffic accident, he discovers that he is an Ajin. Ajin’s have the ability of immortality and can regenerate from any injury no matter how bad. These abilities are often activated due to fatal injuries or accidents. Ajin can also create an entity known as a Black Ghost which is highly combatant and can only be seen by other demi-humans.

Being an Ajin is dangerous as the government captures them. Under the hood of wanting to protect them, the government does inhumane and terrible things to these Ajins. They are shunned by society as well. Some of these Ajins have escaped and have waged a war against the government to get their revenge on them. Kei, the main character, wishes not to engage in such a conflict and sides with the government to fight the escaped Ajins. In return, he would be given immunity from the government’s experiments.

You can watch the trailer for the series here:

You can watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix.

A live-action movie has also been developed on this plot. You can watch the trailer for the live-action movie here:


What can we expect in Ajin Season 3?

Information has not been given about what to expect in Ajin Season 3. However, we expect that Satou (the main antagonist) will get free from the US troops constrainment. He seems to have made organizations and agreements with noticeable political figures of the USA. These are just predictions based on the manga and the last episode of season 2, however, we should wait for the creators to officially release some news.

Ajin Season 3
Ajin and his Black Ghost


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