Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers And Where To Read Online

As we all know, Jujutsu Kaisen has managed to gain a lot of recognition in the short time that it has been around. Released in 2018, the series is gaining more and more popularity every year. Not to mention, its anime series was one of the most-watched animes of 2020.

With an outstanding cast of voice actors and absolutely stunning visuals and animation, the series has now become one of the best shounen stories out there. With its movie on the tow named “Jujutsu Kaisen – 0”, the series is undoubtedly gaining more and more attention with time. That is exactly why every week seems so long for the manga reading fans because we cannot wait for the next chapter to come out! If you’re looking to know more about Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149, then keep on reading this post.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149 Release Date And Spoilers

Cast and Characters
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Fans would be pleased to know that Chapter 149 is just around the corner. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 149 is all set to get released on the 23rd of May 2021. As fans would already be aware, the raw scans of chapter 149 are at the moment unavailable. This is because the raw scans are only made available before 2-3 days of the chapter’s official release. However, worry not! Come back to our post next week, and we will have them all lined up for you.

The plot of chapter 149, however, has been released. Now, if you’re one of the fans who want to read the chapter and see it for themselves, then by all means, please scroll down. Although I wouldn’t call this a spoiler, it technically does talk about the things that will happen with our beloved characters.


Zenin Maki and Megumi Fushigiro
Image: Crunchyroll

Chapter 149 is basically centered around the Zenin Clan and who should be its next head. We see Maki and Megumi discussing which one of them deserves to be the next clan leader. In Chapter 149, we see Maki telling Megumi that he should be the next head and that she still needs some time. She explains to him that she still has a long way to go before taking up the responsibility. She feels that she’s still nowhere powerful enough to be the clan leader and wishes to help her sister Mai and sort things out with her. We see Maki in a state of conflict, whereas Megumi, who wants nothing to do with the Zenin clan, is now all of a sudden forced to be the center of its attention.

Who will be the next Head of Zenin Clan? Make sure to read Chapter 149 and find out.

Where To Read Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter Chapter 149 Online?

You can now read the latest chapters of your favorite manga online on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. Make sure to buy their subscription so that you never miss out on a release date.

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