Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date and Updates

Solo Leveling never fails to impress the fans with its amazing artwork and plot progression. The recent chapters have heightened the anticipation for the war arc. In the recent chapter 151, the expected fight between the Frost monarch and Sung Jinwoo didn’t quite go as planned. Moreover, Sung Jinwoo had to suppress himself given the failing condition of Chairman Gunhee. Not to mention, it would have been a feast to watch Sung Jinwoo beat the heck out of the Frost Monarch. Nevertheless, the scuffle between the two monarchs was still a treat to watch. However, the chapter ended on a grave note with Chairman’s sorrowful death. Read along to grab more information on Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date and Updates.

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Solo Leveling – Sung Jinwoo

Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date

Every chapter of Solo Leveling aggravates the excitement of the readers and leaves us wanting for more. The ending of chapter 151 carved even more attention as it hinted at the upcoming battle arc. “The Monarch’s battle has begun,” is the exact ending quote from the web novel. Additionally, we reach a conclusion that the next chapter – 152, will be titled “Battle of the Monarchs.” With Sung Jinwoo against the several monarchs, the survival of humanity is at stake. As the Shadow Monarch himself, it will not be an easy battle for Hunter Jinwoo. Therefore, it will be interesting to watch as to which side suffers more!

Solo Leveling Chapter 152 Release Date is scheduled for May 19th, 2021. Since there haven’t been any delays in the last couple of weeks for the release of a new chapter, it is safe to assume that “Battle of the Monarchs” will not be delayed either. However, given the situation of the Pandemic, there could be a delay in the near future. To stay updated on the latest news about Solo Leveling, make sure you stay tuned!

More About Solo Leveling

It is not wrong to say that Solo Leveling is the hottest Manhwa at the time. With its groundbreaking popularity, it is topping charts on the manga/manhwa list, beating Borutu and others. Not to mention, the detailed artwork and ever-evolving plot owe to its many accomplishments. It is a South Korean Manhwa, written by Chu Gong and is serialized by Kakaopage. It follows the story of the weakest Hunter – Sung Jinwoo and his unexpected rise to the top. Based on a background with dungeons, monsters, hunters, and ranks, it sure packs a hefty punch with everything fantastical!

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Solo Leveling: Shadow Monarch

The manhwa is also expecting an anime adaptation soon and the fans can’t contain themselves with the release of this news! To watch Sung Jinwoo’s ascent to greatness is the biggest dream of every Solo Leveling fan! You can read Solo Leveling on various sites for free, like and official Kakaopage. This is it, for now, see you with new updates next time!