Dr. Stone Chapter 196: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers And Where To Read Online

Dr. Stone is by far one of the most innovative stories I have ever read. It’s one thing to have a vast imagination, but it’s a completely different thing to give your imagination a beautiful portrayal. That is exactly what Dr stone’s writer Riichiro Inagaki does brilliantly. Having sold more than 10 million copies in 2021, it has put itself on the list of rising stars. That is exactly why fans, and ofcourse us, cannot get enough of this post-Apocolapytic universe. If you’re one of the fans looking to know when Dr. Stone Chapter 196 will come out, then look no further! We have got you covered.

Dr. Stone Chapter 196 Release Date

Dr stone chapter 195 raw scan
Image: Viz Media

As fans would already know, many mangakas took a break from their hectic schedule due to the oncoming golden week. That is why we didn’t get a chance to read many of our long-awaited mangas and had to wait a little longer than we expected for the next chapters to come out. However, worry not because your wait is finally over! Dr stone chapter 196 is all set to be released on the 23rd of May, 2021. Moreover, the 23rd of May will be a Sunday. So make sure to read Chapter 196 with a nice chilled glass of iced tea!

We want our fans to know that the raw scans and the spoilers for the new chapter are currently unavailable. This is because they are released 2 -3 days prior to the chapter’s official release. Make sure to visit our post next week, and we will have them all lined up for you!

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Where Can You Read Chapter 196 Online?

Image: Crunchyroll

No one understands better than us how important it is to find a good website that caters to our needs. A website that makes the deadline and provides the content without any hassle. Moreover, nothing could be better than to have a free manga reading website.

If you’re looking to find a site like that, then look no further. Fans can read Dr stone Chapter 196 and all the latest chapters of their favorite mangas on websites like Viz Media and Crunchyroll. You can also buy their subscription packages which give you a lot of good perks. Not only that, both of these sites are actually similar to Netflix and are both streaming services, and their revenue goes to the manga artists and anime creators as well.

Which not only helps your favorite anime and manga to prosper but also helps them in gaining popularity.

You can also check out the sites like bato and Mangafox that provide premium content for absolutely free. Moreover, if you’re interested in watching the anime as well, then you can check out sites like 4anime and animixplay. Crunchyroll and Viz media provide anime streaming services as well. Make sure to pick your preferred website and never miss out on a release date!