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Impossibility Defence Manga: Ending Next Year? Know More

Many top shows and manga has ended this year. Fans love manga across the world. No doubt that some of them reflect the raw yet compelling story. Many manga has arrived till now, which has influenced the children’s and youth. Not to forget that greatest manga never leaves you empty-handed. You can go through the same manga again. One such inspiring and fantastic manga is Impossibility defence. It contains a level of thrill and intense drama. But, unfortunately it will end soon! But when will it end? Fans are waiting to know the exact date of the ending of the manga. Moreover, let us discuss what the manga about is. Also, see the ending date of Impossibility Defence Manga.

When will Impossibility Defence Manga end?

The Impossibility defence started serializing since the year 2013. Now after this many years in 2021, the manga might end. One can not be sure of the ending date or month. However, the possibility of the manga ending is in the upcoming year.

Grand Jump serialized the Impossibility Defence Manga. In August the eleventh volume of the manga announced that with the next work the manga would end. Manga will end with its twelfth volume in 2021.

Impossibility Defence Manga
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More about the manga

The manga has horror and mystery throughout the story. An anime adaption named Impossibility Defense released in April. In Japanese, one might know the manga as Funohan. Arata Miyatsuki writes the story. Moreover, the art of the manga is given by Yuya Kanzaki.

A mini-series premiered in the year 2017. A total of four episodes were there in the series. Shueisha Grand Jump does the publication of the manga.


The manga centres Tadashi Usobuki. He can uniquely kill others. By wrapping the thoughts of people and the power of suggestions, he can kill them. Tadashi wears black suit always. A suspense thriller offers you more than expected.

Because of this skill, Tadashi never comes in the eye of the police. After a lot of investigation police are not able to find them. They can not find any proof of this unnatural deaths. What will happen? How will the study take place, and what will Tadashi do?

The official updates and news about the manga can be seen on the official website. To visit the website, click here.

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