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Balance Unlimited Episode 9: Did Nakamoto And Takei Die?

Since the premiere, the anime series has gained many fans. A total of 12 episodes will be there in the anime. We are close enough to the ending of the series. Not only the episodes are improving; they are also getting interesting. The thrill has increased. Last episode had many revelations. How will Daisuke find out the villain? It has left viewers curious about the upcoming episode. Let us find out when Balance Unlimited Episode 9 is coming out. Also, have a look at the story of the previous episode 8.

Release date of Balance Unlimited Episode 9

The previous episodes of Balance Unlimited aired on September 3, 2020. The new episodes of the anime series releases every week on Thursday. The airing time is 12:55 PM as per Japan Standard Time.

The upcoming Balance Unlimited Episode 9 will release on September 10, 2020. However, note that according to your region, the time differs. You can stream the episodes on Funimation.

Balance Unlimited Episode 9
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Recap of the previous episode 8

Daisuke is on the mission to reveal the evil thing done by someone. Who is that someone? While Daisuke works according to his plan, Haru doubts him. He wants to know what Daisuke do every day. Meanwhile, in the series, a truth of Sayuri murder case revealed. Sayuri Kambe was Daisuke Kambes mother. Years ago, she was murdered, and Daisuke wants to know who did this.

Haru came to know that Daisuke wants to reach the culprit. Daisuke was coming back home drenched in water. There he saw a man standing and looking at his dead mother. It was heart-wrenching for Daisuke. The man had a knife in his hand. Since then, Daisuke is on the search mission for that person.

Nakamoto and Daisuke are doing there best to find the culprit. Allium a substance found during the investigation needed research. No one knew what that substance does. Daisuke had no faith in the police. So, he wanted to reach a result by himself.

Everyone is working on their part. Meanwhile, Nakatomo enters Takei’s room and offers him some drink. It is hard to fetch information from HEUSC. However, Daisuke and the team tries to do it. Suddenly, someone attacked the building. Nakamoto and Takei were hurt badly. Because of that, Haru gets angry on Daisuke. Also, Suzie is lying on a bed with many injuries.

What will happen? Will Daisuke know who the culprit was? Watch the episodes for more.



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