Black Clover Chapter 264 Predictions And Release Date

Yami and Vengeance are in danger. Both are very crucial members who will fight against the villains. To save them, Black Bulls captain will make a plan. The villains have extraordinary powers. Only Yami has the potential to defeat them. A rescue mission will take place in the upcoming episode. The story might take a turn and make us all stunned. We can not be sure of what will happen. However, it is definite that when Yami and Vengeance are rescued, the Spade Kingdom will face furious Yami. Let us see about the release date of Black Clover Chapter 264. Moreover, know what the upcoming chapter might contain.

Release date of Black Clover Chapter 264

The previous chapter of the Black Clover manga released on September 6, 2020. I.e. yesterday. In earlier days, the manga had some breaks which led to publish the chapters late than the previous schedule. However, the manga is back on track now. For the updates about the release date and delays visit the official website of Black Clover.

The upcoming Black Clover Chapter 264 will release on September 13, 2020. To read the chapters, visit Viz Media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump.

Black Clover Chapter 264
Source: Funmanga

Predictions of the upcoming chapter 264

Asta needs training for being able to fight the devils. Before this Asta fought with devils of the afterworld, at that time Asta successfully defeated them. However, right now, that powers of the devil are not known. So, Natch is training Asta for the fight. The inner powers of Asta’s devil will unleash once he gets appropriately trained.

In the previous fight, Asta lost his hand. Now, what will happen? Will Asta get more strength from that or will he face a disadvantage ahead! To gain full strength, Asta would have to make ally with the devil. The similar example we saw in the case of Naruto and Kurama.

Everyone has to stay prepared. The gate of afterworld will open after three days. Meanwhile, Yami and Vengeance has to be saved before the ritual ends. The other important thing to make sure is, not let the devils out. To control Dark Triad will be a job for them. What will happen? Will they find Yami and Vengeance? Or someone will die? No hint of such an event is there. So let us wait until the next chapter releases.

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