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Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train: Crew Members Test COVID-19 Positive! Is It Postponed?

This week in Los Angeles, crew members of Brad Pitt’s highly awaited thriller “Bullet Train” were tested positive for COVID-19. A crew member who wasn’t showing any symptoms surprisingly tested positive. Will this have an impact on the production and release of the movie? Let’s see what the official reports suggest.

Following the positive report of the crew member, all the people on the set who had come in contact with him were sent home and their tests were conducted for obvious safety reasons. Brad Pitt had also come in contact with the person who tested positive.

Has Anyone Else Tested Positive?

None of the inside sources has yet confirmed about any new person from the team testing positive for COVID-19. Also, Pitt has undergone tests multiple times and has tested negative each time. So, his fans can take a sigh of relief as of now.

Brad Pitt has also returned home as he had come in contact with the crew member. However, Pitt’s spokesperson has not given any comment about his current health status and other details. We’re awaiting a response right now.

IMAGE: Variety

Is Production Process Of Bullet Train Postponed?

Fortunately, there’s no change or halt in the production process of the upcoming thriller as per the latest news. If situations are in favor of the Bullet Train team, the film will soon compensate for the delay and release when it is supposed to.

About Bullet Train

Bullet Train is being considered as a highly ambitious project of Brad Pitt’s career. The director of the film is David Leitch, who also directed popular movies like “Atomic Blonde” and “John Wick”.

The story revolves around the lives of five assassins on a Japanese bullet train. Apart from Brad Pitt, the cast of the movie includes Joey King (widely popular for The Kissing Booth), Lady Gaga, Andrew Koji, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson,  Michael Shannon, Zazie Beetz and Logan Lerman.

With all the production houses putting tremendous efforts and attention in following all the safety protocols to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay, many projects are going well. However, it does not seem completely possible to not have any new cases. Many major films like The Batman and The Harder They Fall had to shut down the production due to the cast or crew members testing positive.

Let’s hope that situations get better soon and we get to watch our favorite movies and shows at the earliest!

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