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11 Best Korean Anime Series, One Shouldn’t Miss

korean anime series
Elsword Image: Pintrest

Anime is one of the most entertaining mediums nowadays; youth is smitten with, people all over the world are drooling over the anime trend and accepting the change in animation over time very positively. As in many regions, cartoons are an influential part of the culture, and many people grow up watching and enjoying them. Cartoons, for the most, serve as a shared reference point for people, so watching them will give you some common ground with innate speakers.

After the Japanese, Korean anime also receives an immense amount of love from people around the sphere. To introduce you to the fascinating world of anime, here are some finest and the best Korean anime series for you to binge-watch and experience the phenomenal world of Korean anime.

Top 11 Korean Animated Anime Series of 2021


korean anime series

Ghost Messenger Image:

In this Korean anime fantasy, the hero Kang-Lim is a superpower agent from the underground world called the World Of Death; it is a digitalized world that controls and manages the life and death of all living beings.

The plot occurs when the lead finds himself trapped in a soul phone, the little Kang– Lim , a human boy who has extraordinary spiritual powers, finds the mobile phone and takes the ghost messenger out, and the adventure begins.

  1. The Haunted House: The Secret Of The Ghost Ball

korean anime series

Haunted House

Hari and Doori are two siblings living in the haunted Shinbi Apartments. In the fullness of time, they meet and consociate with the goblin, who feeds off the magical energy. irrespective of his warnings, they steal and eat the goblin taffy, gifting them the power to see ghosts. They agree to help Shinbi exile ghosts from the apartment so that it stays occupied and he can continue feeding off the energy generated. Shinbi gives them both a Ghost Ball, allowing them to convoke spirits they’ve defeated to help them. along with this ghost ball, both of the heroes protect their locality and friends from the ungodly and helps the ghost cross to the other dimension


  1. Elsword: El Lady

korean anime series

Elsword:El Lady
Image: Pinterest

The mini-series is of 15 minutes with 12 episodes. The storyline begins with the Elresword giving the viewers a brief of the event that happened before the start of the anime. He sketches out the events of the El Explosion and the seizure of the attack of demons. He looks back on how demons plan to conquer the priestesses guarding the El Shards, resulting in the El losing its power.


  1. Mix Master: King Of Cards

    korean anime series

    Mix Master: King Of Cards
    Image: IMBD

    The story spins around its main leads Ditt and his friends, who must save both His world and Atreia from the bad . Atreia is the world in the in-show video game Mix Mater; it is populated by creatures called Hench. After Prince Brad merges Atreia and the human world, it is unleashed that Ditt is the Mix Master, the hero who will find Master Hench and save both worlds. Unfortunately, Prince’s Dark Elves are also looking for Master Hench, so as to win, Ditt and his friends must do the battle with all the hurdles to be the saviors. The Series is titled one of the best Korean anime series.


  1. Tai Chi Chasers

korean anime series


A young orphan boy Rai is aghast to discover that he’s a secret descendant of the Tigeroids, which is an ancient race of peaceful beings locked in the struggle with the ruthless Dragonoids. In the thread, there is also a parallel universe called Suhn where Tigeroids and Dragonoids are locked in an age-old race to recover 500 lost tai chi symbols. The one who gets these precious and potent symbols first will possess the ultimate power to rule their realm and finish off their enemies. Rai must now use his skills to fight his foe, find the lost symbols, and battle to become one of the champions of Tai Chi Chasers. Watch this series and see for yourself why it is rated as the best Korean anime series.


  1. Restol, The Special Rescue Squad

korean anime series

Restol:special rescue squad

Let’s fast forward to the year 2035, with a world filled with up to the minute science and technology, advanced computer systems, A/V multimedia appliances . This advanced future world goes through serious natural disasters. GEONOID was set up as a company with the motive of protecting the earth against natural calamities. forbye, the organization set up SRS (Special Rescue Services) that comprises the orbiting rescue station R-SAT, five RESTOL units, and the Shell Diver carrier ship.A 14-year-old, Kang Maru, was chosen by GEONOID by the route of a simulation video game competition to pilot RESTOL unit 03, as he showcased superb skills. The story takes us around how he saves his world by being a part of the rescue squad.

  1. Track City

korean anime series

Track City

Like any other guy, Jimmy was also a typical boy who likes playing computer games. One Day when he was playing a game named ‘Track City,’ he was transported into the gaming world. Once he regained consciousness, a woman who is probably the mayoress of the city explains to him that this world is threatened by a powerful malign virus and her allies, and their last resort is to ask for the help of the best player of ‘Track City.’ Things start to get complicated when Jimmy got to know that game made a mistake and confused him with the Legendary Racer! Will Jimmy learn the required set of skills to defeat the virus or is it the end of Track city, Watch the show to know it for yourself.

  1. Ragnarok: The Animation

korean anime series

Ragnarok Image:

It is a story of many young adventurers’ journey across the changing Rune Midgard Kingdom. Yuufa , who has said her goodbyes to her brother Orki’s grave, and Roan, a childhood friend, encounter many people in their fight against the shadows that loom over the kingdom. The two are blind to the fate that approaches them. Yuufa and Roan meet many different people on their journey. Maaya, the trader who is traveling with her Poring “Poipoi.” Judia, an excellent hunter who likes fortune-telling. Takius, an enigmatic enchanter who is always wearing a blindfold. These encounters with others only add to the variety of their story. What fate awaits the young adventurers?


  1. Cubix: Robots For Everyone

korean anime series

Image: reddit.itElsword

Set in the future year 20244, it is a story of a young boy named Connor with a strong liking for robots and just the opposite his father Graham use to dislikes robots and was not so supportive of Connors’s efforts. One fine day they moved to Bubble town, and the tables turned. Bubble town was a city where robots outnumber humans and the location of RobixCorp. This show centers on the Botties, a special club for people who know how to fix robots, along with evil Dr. K., who has evil plans up his sleeves. The series is one of the best Korean Anime for children.

  1. Jang Geum’s Dream

korean anime series

Jang Geum’s Dreeam
Image: Pinterest

The anime focuses on a young lady, Jang geum, who becomes part of Royal Kitchen as a trainee court lady. She is able to make friends in a snap of the time with her cheerfulness and cleverness. With her friends by her side, she leaves a mark of her own while encountering turbulence along her path full of intrigue and corruption.

The anime is also a spinoff of the well known Korean drama Dae Jand Geum

  1. Turning Mecard

korean anime series

Turning Mecard

Turning Mecard stars Jason, a grade-schooler who meets an alien talking car who can transform into a giant legendary Mecardimal warrior named Evan, who is from the alternate world of Triforce, Evan. Jason and Evan were both questing for lost family members and worked as a team to be helpful to one another. Together, they meet the increasing number of Mecanimals as they battle across wide dimensions and learn important lessons along the way. Now Jason must acquire skills on how to master every weapon, attack, and ability before the other guys do!

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