Joran: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Episode 5 : Release Date, Countdown, Watch Online English Dub

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood is an animated series created by Bakken Records. The series is set in the 64th year of the Meiji era (1931 A.D.). An era when japan was still ruled under a powerful and tyrant monarch family instead of having a democracy. The Meiji era is a time period in Japan’s history that saw rapid colonization of the country. The invasion of western cultures led to a considerate increase in both industrialization and technology. The series examines the concept of what if Tokugawa Yoshinobu hadn’t stepped down as the king and still ruled Japan as its emperor.

The concept of the series is a bit similar to a top-rated western television – The Man in the high castle, that examined the changes in the world if Hitler had won World War 2.

This post will contain all the latest updates on Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 5.

Joran: The Princess Of Snow And Blood Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Joran the princess of snow and blood image: Crunchyroll

The political drama, licensed by Crunchyroll and written by Rika Nezu and Kunihiko Okada, began airing on the 7th of April 2021. With 4 of its episode already out, episode 5 won’t be a long wait.
Episode 5 is all set to be released on 28th of April, 2021, at 1:30, am (JST), on 27th of April 2021, at 10:00 pm (IST) and 9:30 pm (PST). Fans can watch the latest episode of the series in English Dub/Sub on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, the timings of each site may vary.

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The Story So Far And What To Expect Next

The story, as we already know, is set in an alternate history. With its rapid growth, Japan has discovered a new source of energy known as the “Dragon Vein”. This energy source has led to rapid technological development in the country and has boosted the economy.

From the outside, it seems as though the country is prospering under monarch rule. However, things are not what they seem to be. Just like any country, the government is faced with a lot of opposition. An insurgent group named “Kuchinawa” has begun to surface. The members of Kuchinawa hate the Tokugawa policies and are in an open rebellion against the crown and its policies. In an attempt to overthrow the monarch, the Kuchinawa has been actively moving in the shadows.

Yukimura Sawa
image : Crunchyroll


The monarch is no longer able to ignore the insurgents’ movement. To regain control before things get out of their hand, the government creates a special police task force called “Nue”.”Nue” is Tasked with only one job – to find and eradicate the Kuchinawa activists.

The story revolves around a young girl named Sawa Yukimura. Yukimura is in search of the Nue executioner, the one who killed her entire family. Yukimura is out for revenge.

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