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Yazuka Kiwami 2 Released On XBox One: Know What’s Good About It!

Yazuka Kiwami 2 was released in June 2020. The game was released on Xbox a day earlier than expected. The previous games of the recent sequel are Yazuka 0 and Yazuka Kiwami. One can download the game from the Microsoft Store. Moreover, the game is available on Xbox Pass. One can purchase the Xbox game pass ultimate to enjoy the game. Xbox game pass is available for $19.99+

The announcement of the upcoming game on Xbox and PC was made last November. Microsoft announced it in Microsoft’s 2019 showcase event. The Yazuka Kiwami 2 is the remake of the previous Yazuka 2, which came in 2006. Will the game seek players? Let us find out some reviews on this game.

Description of Yazuka Kiwami 2

The Yazuka Kiwami 2 can be accessed anywhere from the world. The fans of the previous game Yazuka, must play this game. There is no reason for not playing it. Kiwami 2 game plot has a beautiful remake of one of the best storylines.

It has marvelous presentations and animations. Morever, the expectations of the fans who played Yazuka will not come down. Also, it has varied gameplay for the players. This sequel is a gemstone!

Furthermore, if you are new, then you may consider different points, however, if one is concerned about how polish the game is. Then surely you would love it.

What are you waiting for? If you are a game lover, have some fun!


Yazuka can be defined as a notorious game. One may fall in love with its unique balancing act. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is also one of a kind. Moreover, it gets executed on the style. Yazuka Kiwami 2 will blow minds by a strong narrative, exquisite presentation, and varied gameplay.

Furthermore, the aesthetics of the game will blow your mind as always. It has detailed face mapping along with cinematic experience. However, too many cutscenes in the beginning might be a turnoff. Yet, don’t get sad. The gameplay is also stunning. Yazuka Kiwami 2 overcome many shortcomings of the previous games.

Yazuka Kiwami 2 Review
Source: GotGame

The English dubbing will not be there in this game. However, not to worry as the Japenese voice-over won’t let you down.

The game has a riveting story based on betrayal and revenge. Toshihiro Nagoshi creates the game. Lastly, the game offers various things which will never let you stop exploring.

Take note that the game displays the use of alcohol, Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Languages, and intense violence. Hence, the game is for the 17+ age group.

Have a look at the trailer:


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