Uzaki Chan Season 2: Updates!

The episodes of the Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out does not fail to entertain viewers. Day by Day, the episodes get better. The first season is on the verge of completion. However, the finale episode will be airing next month. The last episode will release on September 25, 2020. The first season consists of a total of twelve episodes. Moreover, platforms on which the Uzaki Chan was Ashobita can be streamed are mentioned in the article. Let us have an insight on the release of Uzaki Chan Season 2.

The friends of Uzaki and Sakurai are trying to bring them close. Sakurai does not have any clue about it. However, Uzaki does like Sakurai. Let us hope that in next season both realize that they have what it takes to be in a relationship.

Release date of Uzaki Chan Season 2

There has been no official announcement of the next season. However, season one will end soon.  We may predict that the Uzaki Chan Season 2 will release somewhere in fall 2021. Moreover, the English dubbed version of the anime series will be coming soon.

A total of seven episodes of the first season have aired. As the episodes proceed, scenes are getting interesting. Fans are desperately hoping for Uzaki and Sakurai to fall in love! Let us consider that in the ending of the first season, that may happen. And in the upcoming season, fans can see the romance between Uzaki chan and Sakurai.

Uzaki Chan Season 2
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More about Season 2

Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out is produced by ENGI studios. ENGI studios has not produced many series. This anime is its second production. ENGI studios produced Kemono Michi: Rise before Uzaki chan.

Kazuya Miura directs the anime Uzaki chan wa Ashobita. He has worked in previous projects like D. Gray-man, Food Wars!, and Juuni Taisen. Moreover, the composition of the anime series done by Manabu Kurihara. He has worked as an animation director for Bleach and Hellsing Ultimate.

Lastly, Satoshi Igarashi composes the music. We do not have much information about next season. However, the season one opening song is “Negotiating by Comforting.” Kano and Naomi sung the song. The ending song ‘Kokoro Knock’ is given by Yuni.

Crunchyroll tweeted some days ago:

The latest episode of Uzaki Chan wants to hang out has been released. You may stream the episode on Funimation.


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