Will There Be The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 in 2021? Renewal Status and Release Information

The Seven Deadly Sins
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When Netflix decides to air an anime, it is definitely a flawless one, and The Seven Deadly Sins holds no exception to it. With the most loved adventure and fantasy genre, the anime is an adaptation of a manga with the same name. Since the first season of the anime aired on Netflix, it made netizens crave more for the next season. At present, the show’s fans are waiting for The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5, titled the dragon judgment, which was scheduled to release in January 2021 in Japan but didn’t, so what is the new release date for the show? Carry on with the article to get all your answers with some bonus spoilers.

Previously On The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins
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One-time active grouping of Knights in Britannia. Who were thrown off their duty when they apparently planned to bring down the Liones Kingdom. Though the Holy Knights themselves defeated them, there were rumors that the band was probably alive. Soon after 10 years, the holy knights’ take over the kingdom by capturing the king. as quickly as the show takes pace, the third princess, Elizabeth, unleashes her journey  of finding the seven deadly sins and use their help to take her kingdom back

Release Date Of the Season 5

As per the previously made statements, the show was to air on January 2021 in Japan, but due to some reasons, the show’s broadcasting was postponed for several months. Finally, now airing exclusively in Japan. There have been no confirming sources about the release date of season 5 in other parts of the world, although the show has aired 12 episodes in the Japanese region. Irrespective of this, the movie The Seven Deadly Sins: The Cursed Light will be a direct sequel to season 5. Keeping in mind the different strategies of Netflix, we can expect season 5 anytime soon.

Expectations From Season 5


There is a lot to put hopes upon for season 5 with better animation, a more intense storyline, and whatnot. In August, the show creators revealed the first look for season 5.

Final Verdict

If you are an anime lover, this is a series you shouldn’t miss. The storyline grips its viewers to it in such a binding way you can watch the previous seasons on Netflix if you haven’t yet and rewatch to boost up on all the hidden twists and turns


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