Black Clover Chapter 292: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers And Read Online

In a world where magic is everything, Black Clover is a story of a boy born with no magic at all named  Asta, whose dream is to one day become the greatest of all wizards known as the Wizard King. However, the boy’s life completely changes when he’s chosen by the legendary five-leafed grimoire known as the Black Clover. Black Clover is undoubtedly one of the best shounen anime out there. Many people often call the show by names such as “a poor man’s naruto or one-piece,” but the true fans know that Black Clover is a gem on its own. Released in the early 2017s, the show has gained huge amounts of positive criticism, consequently increasing the manga’s popularity.

The popular anime took a little bit of break-in in early 2021, making the fans even more curious about what will happen next. For all those looking to know more about black clover chapter 292, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Release Date And Raw Scans

Magna Vs. Dante, a big fight is coming!

Initially, chapter 292 was going to come out on the 9th of May 2021. However, it seems that the release date of the new chapter has been delayed due to a lot of reasons. Unfortunately for the fans, they might have to wait for a little while for chapter 292 to come out. There are a lot of reasons why a delay might take place. For example- we all know a big fight is coming between manga and Dante. One of the possible reasons for the delay could be that Yūki Tabata wants to give this chapter his all. However, fans should not let this bring their spirits down because the more you wait, the better it tastes!  Chapter 292 might skip a week or two but isn’t that exactly what makes it worth watching?

Fans should know that the raw scans are made available only 2-3 days before the chapter’s official release. Since the new release date for chapter 292 hasn’t been released yet, the raw scans, for now, are currently unavailable.

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Where To Read The New Chapter Online


We all know that the next chapter will see Magna getting all the spotlight. We have seen Magna grow soo much in the previous chapters. He has grown not just in terms of power but also as a human, and this next chapter will see him finally display what the Black Bulls are capable of. The long-awaited fight between Magna and Dante is now finally here.

That is why I have handpicked some of the best manga reading sites one can ask for. Fans can now read the latest chapters of black clover for free on sites like – Viz Media, Crunchyroll, Bato, and Mangafox.