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With article on every new episode I tell that The God Of High School anime will end soon. As the climax is on its way, the episodes are getting interesting. There was a battle between the Seol and Jeju teams. Mira impressively won the match. Now will Seol team clear the round and go to the advance level? Or they will lose the match? Well that will get clear once you read what happened in the previous episode. Also, the next episode is going to be the most exciting and exciting episode of this season. Hang in there to know what happened in the previous episode of The God Of High School. Moreover, see the release date of The God Of High School Episode 11.

Release date of The God Of High School Episode 11

The previous episode of the GOHS aired on September 7, 2020. On Monday every week newest episodes of the anime releases. Also, note that as per Japan Standard Time the airing time of the episodes is 11:30 PM.

Note that according to your region, the airing time differs.

The upcoming The God Of High School Episode 11 will release on September 14, 2020. In this article, you will find the recap of the previous episode. If you want to skip this, then it’s alright. Watch the episodes on Crunchyroll.

The God Of High School Episode 11
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Recap of episode 10

The Nox members want to win against the powers of god. They have gathered the youngsters to fight against the God of High school members and ruin them. The Nox use young people for their dirty works. During the fight, a member of Nox, Seungah strikes Daewi. Due to this, Daewi lost his balance. Moreover, Seungaah did Taekyon Cranium Fracture while Daewi was down. However, Daewi manages to block the attack using his shoulders.

Daewi then using his fist attacked Seungah. He left Seungah flying in the air. All were dumbstruck. Suddenly, Seungah came to Daewi and threatened him by telling that he know martial art. Daewi successfully punched the leg. After that move, they announced that Daaewi won the match.

Meanwhile, Mori saved his grandfather from the danger. Mira, Mori, and Daewi wants some information from Park. However, he will give some info after winning the battle. Sang Mandeok was there. He unleashed the sword from the sky. All from the god of high school gathered there. A new fight between Mori and Illpoy begins. 

What will happen? Stay tuned for more. Until next time.


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