Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11: Shinra Defeated The Demon

As this season is better than the previous, fans like to watch the anime. Fire Force is originally a manga written by Atsushi Okubo. The manga serialized from 2015. If you want to read the chapters of manga you can get a Kodansha weekly magazine. The anime adaption came out in the year 2019. Then after the second season aired this year from July. Viewers criticized the first season. However, there are fans of the series too. This season has come out better than the first. We have reached the eleventh episode of the season. The thrill increases in every episode. Let us discuss the previous episode of the anime. Also, have a look at the release date of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11.

When will Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 release?

The previous episode of the anime aired on September 5, 2020. On Thursday every week the new episode of the anime releases. Moreover, the string time is 1:55 AM as per Japan Standard Time. 

Note that the airing time differs according to your region.

The upcoming Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11 will release on September 12, 2020. If you have not watched the 10th episode then have a look before the next episode airs. There are various online platforms on which you can stream the episodes.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 11
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Previously on Fire Force episode 10

Shinra promised to protect the forest. Main threat to everyone was evangelist objective. Evangelist wants to turn the place into living hell. Turn the place into flames. Women in black explained this to Shinra. Despite all this, She was on a mission to create a peaceful place.

As the Evangelist objective came upon the women in black, she passed her goal to Shinra. She believed in him. After that, both went away. Meanwhile Ogun was waiting for Shinra. So, Shinra apologized to him. Suddenly Shinra attacks Tempe, and the fight begins.

While fighting with Tempe, Shinra saw his past. In the past life of Tempe, he lost everything. His wife, money, parents, house, etc. Then after he decided to enter a different world, meanwhile, he met Evangelist. She offered him to have back everything he has lost.

Evangelist gave him evil powers. Since, then his life is like this. During the fight, a blast happened. However, Shinra managed to survive. All were happy because he defeated the enemy.

Where to watch?

The episodes of Fire Force Season 2 are available on the platforms like:

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