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Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date And More

Re Zero Season 2 will end soon. The upcoming 12th episode will be the last episode of this season. Fans are eager to know what will happen at the end. However, as the anime will end, one can not deny the sadness. Moreover, no news of the next season has arrived yet. So, the excitement and void both remains. The fans are crazy about the anime. But, if you have not watched Re Zero yet, then I suggest you must. The anime is worth watching. A science lover who believes in love and romance must stream the anime once. You will not regret. A story of a cyborg interests the viewers every time. In this era of technology, people are crazy behind the artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Even children’s get curious when they see Alexa! Don’t they!? Let us know the release date of Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12 in this article. Also, have a look at the platforms available to stream the episodes.

Release date of Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12

The previous episode of the anime released on September 16, 2020. I.e. yesterday. On Wednesday every week the new episodes of the anime streams. Also, the airing time of the anime is 10:30 PM as per Japan Standard Time.

However, note that the timings differ if you stay in a different region. So, look to it.

The upcoming Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12 will be releasing on September 23, 2020. There are various platforms available to watch the anime series. They are mentioned in this article ahead. Have a look.

Re Zero Season 2 Episode 12
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Platforms to stream the anime episodes

There are various sources where you can find the episodes. However, the official sources are limited. To support the community and makers of the anime, one must stream the episodes from the official websites.

Some of the websites where the previous season and the English dub are available includes:

  • Netflix
  • VRV
  • Funimation
  • Crunchyroll

However, the latest season and its episodes are available on Crunchyroll.


Re Zero is one of the most-streamed anime on Netflix. This scenario includes only Japan, The romantic science fiction anime is undeniable. You will fall in love with the artwork and the story. The second season started airing from July 2020.

Suppose you have not started watching the series, streaming now on Crunchyroll. The English dub will be available after the season ends.

That’s it for today. Until next time.

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