Chainsaw Man Anime Set For An October Release, New Trailer Revealed the Voice Cast

The approaching Chainsaw Man anime will have its massive release in October 2022. Chainsaw Man revealed the entire voice cast with the release of their new PV trailer.  Many manga series worldwide are easily accessible for everyone to read online. However, not many series are similar to Chainsaw Man, which makes it unique. This manga … Read more

What Does Cosplay Mean?

What does Cosplay exactly mean? Several folks have heard of the term. However, does one recognize what its meaning is? Originally, the term Cosplay was created in Japan. The word ‘Cosplay’ combines the English terms ‘Costume’ and ‘Role Play.’ In katakana, it is written as コスプレ (romaji: kosupure); however, in several countries, it continues to be registered merely as Cosplay … Read more

What Does Chibi Mean?

What is Chibi in Anime and Manga

There is another word called Chibi, which is differently used between countries. Here is some additional info on Chibi. Chibi (Hiragana: ちび; Katakana: チビ) is a Japanese slang word which means a short person that is cute because of their slight stature. This word is usually used for teenagers. However, this term also can be used for adults. This definition of Chibi is … Read more


Crunchyroll confirmed the release of One Piece: Red in the US and UK for Fall 2022, but is a more specific date been approved for its release?  One Piece is one of the most iconic film franchises everyone loves. Recently, the motion-picture show finally had its performance in Nihon Budokan, Tokyo, and it’s safe to mention that fans have fallen for … Read more

What Is The Undere Dere Type In Anime?

Misa Amane Undere Dere Type In Anime

Undere is an archetype character in Japanese fictional tales. Generally, dere types in anime and manga are unique ways to categorize different characters into specific terms. It makes the process way easier to understand and links the characters with reality. Meaning of Undere Type: An Undere type belongs to the character that often agrees with … Read more