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Orbital Children A Six-Part Anime Series Gives The Fans A Glimpse Into It’s Futuristic World

Ever since Netflix step foot into the anime industry its influence over the mass media has increased exponentially, the online streaming platform has not only risen up to become the worlds leading streaming service but has also taken every initiative to give its viewers and members new and original content.

Therefore, looking to strengthen their position in the anime industry the online streaming platform recently announced on their social media handles that a 6-part anime television series titled “Orbital-Children” is coming soon to the viewers worldwide, and not long after the announcement Netflix has finally given the fans a glimpse into this futuristic and fantasy world and to be really honest we cannot wait! The recently released trailer highlighted what the story will be all about and from the looks of the comments, it’s going to be worth watching.

Which doesn’t come as a surprise because the series is being crafted and designed under the supervision of Mitsuo Iso whose name and influence need no introduction. Mitsuo Iso is currently also working on another space-related anime movie project titled Extra-Terrestrial Boys And Girls and his expertise in the direction will be a leading factor in the series’ success.

The Plot

Image: Netflix

The Plot of Orbital Children is set into the future, in the year 2045, when traveling to space is no longer a luxury and anyone can do it. Humanity has finally succeeded in building a civilization on the moon and children born on the moon and children born on the earth live separate lives.

From the teaser trailer (link attached below), the story highlights that a special space station built especially for children by the government of Japan named “Anshin” is stuck with children from the moon and earth aboard on it and now their fates and the fate of the entire universe is left into the hands of seven poems which if they cannot decipher will mark the end of everything.

The story highlights how different growing conditions have created a barrier between the children born on the moon and the earth and how the concept of “home” is now very different from the previous generation. With so many misunderstandings and difficult situations will the orbital children be able to overcome their differences and find a way out? Or will they stay stuck forever?

To find out the answers to all of these questions make sure to watch Oribatl Children Coming Soon On January 28th, 2022 only on Netflix!



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