Kotaro Lives Alone Anime Adaptation Coming Soon Only On Netflix!

Ever imagine a five-year-old boy being more sorted out and responsible than you? Well, that is the exact story that Netflix is bringing to its viewers soon titled Kotaro Lives Alone. The story of Kotaro Lives Alone is definitely not for the light-hearted and will leave you with soo many feels and laughs that your tissue box will prove insufficient to gather them. The series is based on the manga of the same name written by Mami Tsumura and is still currently ongoing.

The unique premise of the story garnered the series a 10 part live-action television drama, and a recent announcement by Netflix revealed to the fans that Kotaro Lives Alone will now also be getting its very own anime adaptation!

The Story Of Kotarou Lives Alone


The plot of the story as suggested by the title revolves around a young 5-yeard old boy named Kotaro Satoou who apparently lives alone. The boy moves next door to an apartment complex where bringing children is forbidden and ends up catching the eye of a single and unsuccessful mangaka named Shin Karino. At first, Shin rebukes the young boy and is rather annoyed by his nosey neighbor but as he begins to observe Kotarou he can’t help but wonder how responsible he is! Not only does Kotarou live alone with no one looking after him, but apparently he can also cook, and clean after himself and more importantly has a fricking job!

Little by little Shin ends up spending more time with the young, lonely 5-year old and slowly but steadily Kotaro ends up winning the hearts of all the kid-hating apartment complex!

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If you’re looking for a comedy-drama that is certainly going to leave you smiling, laughing, and grinning like an idiot then Kotaro lives alone is the perfect show for you to add a little bit of sunshine into your life.

Although no concrete release date has been released as of yet by Netflix, the series, however, is scheduled to premiere somewhere in 2022. But, Netflix has already lured its fans by throwing breadcrumbs of the story and recently released a teaser trailer (link attached below) to give the fans a glimpse into what the story is all about. Therefore, do not forget to keep an eye out for Kotarou Lives alone coming soon to brighten up your summer!


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