‘One Punch Man’ Season 3: What is the Garou saga? Updates and more..

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Fans and followers of One Punch Man are calmly waiting for some updates about One Punch Man Season 3. It has been almost a year since Season 2 released, but Madhouse studio has chosen to stay silent about it.

We are not even sure that One Punch Man Season 3 will get to see the light of the day. However, considering the popularity and following, it is quite absurd it will be canceled.

The second season dropped after the first season ended. So, the third installment may have the same fate. (All good things take time after all!)

one punch man
One Punch Man
Image: Viz Media

‘One Punch Man’Season 3 spoilers and predictions

Although there are no official updates and news about the third season, the anime is kept alive by many predictions and fan theories.

According to BlockToro, Season 3 will adapt the Monster Association arc, which is at play in the manga series.

Fans are about to witness a “whole group of monsters” ready to hit the City any minute. However, with Saitama’s strength, he can beat these monsters in seconds without tearing a sweat. This makes Saitama tired of what he is doing. Knowing that he can beat an enemy with just a single blow, the Caped Baldy wants to face a dangerous enemy who is more challenging.

Here enters Garou. Garou will gain new powers in One Punch Man Season 3. If this happens, Saitama can no longer defeat him with just a single punch. The battle between these two is set to happen, and no one can stop them. (Yes, Adrenaline Rush!)

When will the ‘One Punch Man’ Season 3 possibly release?

It stays not yet clear when One Punch Man Season 3 will be out. Devdiscourse noted the anime’s creation and progress had been badly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like other TV and film creations, the anime and manga’s works are likewise put to a full stop. There are additionally gossipy tidbits that the creation of Season 3 will take quite a while, much the same as Season 2. There was a decent four-year break between the first and second seasons, so the third season may encounter the same.

To review, Season 1 was out in October 2015, while Season 2 dropped in April 2019. On the off chance that this will go with the same pattern, at that point Season 3 may be released in 2023.

In any case, fans stay loyal and loving towards the anime and hope that the making of One Punch Man Season 3 won’t take that long.

We will keep you updated on any more news about the anime. Until then stay safe, stay tuned, and keep supporting us!

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