One Piece Chapter 1001: New Release Date, Spoilers And Everything You Need To Know!!

The lovers of the legendary manga One Piece are quite disappointed after learning that the release of Chapter 1001 has been suspended. Previously it was informed that it could be released on January 10. However, now its release date has been pushed back for one more week. Bummer!

Although the One Piece manga lovers are in distress, they still stay loyal to know what they can see in One Piece Chapter 1001. The strong belief that One Piece’s plot will take some great turns and twists given the completion of 1000 chapters. That is still a smaller number given its popularity and the love it has got.

One Piece
One Piece Chapter 1001
Image: VIZ Media

One Piece Chapter 1001 is set to have a giant shift of focus from Luffy and Zoro to the other straw hats pirates. The manga fans and followers will be quite shocked to see some extraordinary combo attacks.

Zoro and Killer can be seen working together in One Piece Chapter 1001 to cut down slashes. This itself will be a huge pull of audience attention. Luffy and Kid will reach out and make their arms bigger with devil fruit powers and punching Kaido together. This again will be something we look forward to.

While Law doesn’t hit anyone directly, he might end up using his powers to teleport Big Mom into Kaido’s Thunder Bagua attack and this will make sure the Yonkos hit each other. BlockToro noted that Zoro is holding Oden’s sword Enma that means he will surely cut down Kaido in One Piece Chapter 1001. There are legends of slaying a dragon (or not lets find out).

Many spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1001 reveal that Nami and Usopp run into X Drake and ask him for help dealing with Page One and Ulti. BlockToro unveils Drake is confused but then he sees Page One and Ulti coming that way and understands why they asked for help.

One Piece manga is officially available online on the VIZ Media and Manga Plus official websites. The websites are also releasing previous chapters for free in celebration of One Piece Chapter 1000 each week. The free users can read up to three of the manga’s latest chapters.! (Drumrolls playing!!)

One Piece
One Piece Chapter 1001
Image: Viz Media

One Piece Chapter 1001 is scheduled to be out on Sunday, January 17, 2021. The spoilers are expected to be out five to six days before the manga’s original release. You might like to read the released chapters on VIZ media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump’s official websites and platforms.

If you haven’t read them yet, One Piece’s 8.7/10 rating on IMDb might give you some reason. Stay tuned to get the latest news on the Japanese manga releases and much more.

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