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One Piece Chapter 990: Fight Against Straw Hat Pirates

Now and then I say that One Piece is one of the best manga. If you are not reading it, then you must. This will be one of the greatest manga you will come across. Also, there is an anime adaption running right now. You may watch the episodes of the anime series too. Eiichiro Oda gave us a masterpiece. Fans are grateful for one such manga which inspires and entertains at the same time. The serialization of the manga started in the year 1997. Let us discuss what happened in the previous chapter of the manga. Also, know the release date of the upcoming One Piece, Chapter 990.

Release date of One Piece Chapter 990

The previous chapter of the manga published on September 6, 2020, i.e. yesterday. This manga releases chapter every week. However, since last few times, there were small breaks due to which chapters were releasing biweekly. This week there would be no break.

So, the upcoming One Piece Chapter 990 will release on September 13, 2020. You can check more about the updates on the official website. You can read these chapters on Viz Media and Manga plus app.

One Piece Chapter 990
Source: La Verdad Noticias

Recap of chapter 989

Franky attacked Big Mom, but, that did not make any impact. There were some less powerful enemies from Kaido’s gang. But, Yakuza thought that those weaker must not need to be focused on. Firstly, the stronger ones have to be defeated. As we saw, Franky attacked Big Mom. At that time, he gave his introduction to Big Mom. He showed how brave he was to come before one of the big head of the enemy team.

Nami suggested Franky to run away. However, he denied. He stood there and showed how determined he was to make Luffy the King. During the attack, Franky shot Big Mom. Meanwhile, Numbers appeared. Big Mom stated that those were the failed “Ancient Giants.” In the past, Kaido included them in the team.

Franky was doing great. In a meanwhile, Big Mom got ready to knock him down. However, Jinbe blocked her and knocked her instead. Furthermore, Robin rolls her until the other side. On the other side, Luffy and Zoro got ready to fight Kaidou. The Queen was also there. She transformed into a dinosaur.

With her mouth, she grabbed Luffy and Zoro. Hygoro was happy seeing all this. He was confident that even though there are many obstacles, nothing can stop them. Soon the fight between Straw Hat pirates against Queen, King, and Numbers. 

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