Rent A Girlfriend Episode 10: Kazuya And Ruka On A Date!

We know that Ruka has feelings for Kazuya. She asked Kazuya out for a date. However, Kazuya denied immediately. Later, when Mizuhara came to know about the situation, she told that Kazuya could date her if he wants. Chizuru also said that she would help him find his love. Listening to this, Kazuya thought that he was the only client for Chizuru. He got sad and cried for not having love in his life. Chizuru does not have any idea that Kazuya has feelings for her. It is a love triangle. What will happen ahead in this season? Only a few episodes are left to air in this season. Let us know what happened in the previous episode. Also, see the release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 10.

Release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 10

The previous episode 9 of the anime series came out on September 5, 2020. Every week on Saturday the newest episodes air. Also, make sure the airing time is 1:25 AM as per Japan Standard Time. According to different zones the airing time of the episodes are different.

The upcoming Rent A Girlfriend Episode 10 will be airing on September 12, 2020. Do not forget to watch the previous episodes if you haven’t yet. Stream the episodes on VRV and Crunchyroll.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 10
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Recap of episode 9

Ruka came to know that Kazuya lied to her. Kazuya did not want to go on a date with Ruka. However, he told her that he has other plans and so he can not come. Ruka became jealous because Chizuru and Kazuya was coming from a date. Then Kazuya made something up.

Meanwhile, Ruka snatched Kazuya away from Chizuru. She then insisted Kazuya for a date. Later, both went on a date. While they were on a date, Kazuya thought of something. He felt that he is in a love triangle. Ruka noticed that he was thinking something else. So, she blindfolded Kazuya and took him somewhere. After Kazuya took off his blindfold, he saw that they were in a hotel room. Ruka was not leaving any chance. She already started pulling off her clothes.

Kazuya got shocked and tried to escape. However, the door was locked. Ruka tries to make Kazuya understand that she is his girlfriend. However, Kazuya told he could not break Chizuru’s trust. By listening to this, Ruka left. Ruka told his family that she was his real girlfriend. Kazuya’s grandmother did not like this. At the same time, Kazuya was making his grandmother understand the truth. Ruka told Chizuru to stay away from Kazuya.

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