Ultraman Season 2 Releasing In Spring 2022, New Key Visual Released

Netflix’s anime’s Ultraman season 1 left fans with so many unanswered questions. Whether it was a happy ending, many things were kept from us and will finally be revealed.

Now that Ultraman’s mantle has passed down from Shin Hayata to Shinjiro Hayata, he has also become a target for many adversaries.

A hero has to deal with so many things from their everyday life to their life as a hero, responsible for everybody around him. This is also true for our Ultraman Shinjiro Hayata, and fans will be able to watch their favorite hero back in action once more.

Is A New Season Coming To Netflix?

That’s true, fellas, the new season of Ultraman is in production. At Tundum: A Netflix Global Fan Event, it was revealed that the anime’s new Season would premiere in Spring 2022.

A new key visual for the Ultraman Season 2 was also released, along with the announcement made. The visual teases the teaming of the six Ultra Warriors, from which it looks like the 3DCG anime will be an epic.

About Ultraman Season 1:

Ultraman, Seven, Ace, Zoffy, Jack, and Taro are the six legendary warriors known as the Ultra 6 Brothers. Out of these six, four warriors were in the first season, three being the main protagonist.

The first season was mainly focused on Shinjiro, how he comes to terms with being Ultraman. Thanks to his teammates Seiji Hokuto and Dan Moroboshi, who are Ace and Seven, he overcame many atrocities in the first season.

Ultraman Season 1
Ultraman Season 1 Visual
Image: Netflix

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At the end of the season, we witnessed Bemular; the main antagonist took Hokuto guaranteeing to save him. In this act, Shinjiro takes a chance trusting Bemular and letting him do what he wants. Also, Jack abducted Yapool, when he broke into SSSP headquarters.

The upcoming Ultraman Season 2 will solve the mysteries and will take fans off the cliffhanger after two years. The story was quite engaging; also, it packs a punch where the plot needed it.

If you are new and want to catch up to the series or have watched it already and want to rewatch it, you can watch it on Netflix.

Who Are Ultraman?

Ultraman belonged to a technically advanced civilization. These are identical to us humans but have various abilities and a moral sense of justice.

While they battle against evil aliens and maintain peace on planets, they have merged with humans to give them healing properties and sustain life longer on Earth.

About The Franchise:

The Ultraman franchise belongs to Tsuburaya Productions. It has multiple adaptations and sequels, and overall it is a mix-media series. The Ultraman Multiverse consists of plot development in different zones.