Killing Stalking: What its about, where to read and ending explained

Killing Stalking
Killing Stalking

Note that the Killing Stalking is not for soft-hearted people. The Killing Stalking is a Korean manhwa. Moreover, the genre of the manhwa can be regarded as drama, romcom, and psychological thriller.

Kogi created the manhwa and the art was given by him as well. The manhwa won the Grand prize at Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. The publisher of the manhwa is Lezhin Comics itself.

If you have not read the manhwa, take a note. A soft-hearted person should not try to read it. In this article, ahead, you will come across the plot and details. Moreover, let us see what the ending of the psychotic thriller was.

Where Can You Read Killing Stalking?

You can read Killing Stalking on various platforms such as Anime-Planet and Mangaowl. It is also available to read on the Mangago app.

Killing Stalking Plot

The storyline revolves around a young boy named Yoon Bum. He has a disturbing past and that leads him to develop a mental illness. One day, Yoon Bum meets Oh Sangwoo and becomes infatuated with him after Sangwoo saves him from a horrible fate. Yoon Bum was about to be sexually assaulted and rapes by a military officer, however, Sangwoo reaches in time and prevents this from happening. the two boys develop a temporary friendship.

Killing Stalking
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Yoon Bum who was awestruck by Sangwoo decides to enter his house when he was not around. [Spoilers ahead] On doing so, he finds a brutally bruised woman in Sangwoo’s basement. This leaves him dumbstruck and he learns that Sangwoo is a serial killer.

Sangwoo and Yoon Bum had feelings towards each other. However, Sangwoo comes to know that Yoon Bum knows about his secret. Sangwoo decides to torture him and he keeps Yoon Bum in an abusive and manipulative relationship until the end.


The main characters of the manhwa are:

  • Yoon Bum; who was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Oh Sangwoo; a psychopathic antagonist.
  • Yang Seungbae; a former investigator.

Killing Stalking, what happened at the end?

[Major Spoilers ahead]

Although there were some loopholes in the last chapter, it had one proper thematic closure.

Is Sangwoo dead?

Yes, in the end, Sangwoo dies. He gets murdered by a woman and her grandmother who suffocated him using a pillow. This is ironic as his mother had once tried to kill him the same way and the subject of his fantasies were woman.

Well, karma always hits hard!

Is Yoon Bum dead?

In the end, Yoon Bum dies as well as he chases an illusion of Sangwoo. The person who had saved him was eventually the cause of his death as well. Yoon Bum knew of Sangwoo’s reality and yet stayed by his side. This raises many questions; the most important was whether Yoon Bum’s fate was set right from the beginning?

Is there any renewal of the the series?

No, there has been no confirmed renewal of the series. The manhwa came to an end in 2019 and it does not seem like there will be any sequel or prequel. Given that both the main characters died in the end, it would be difficult for the author to create something new. Therefore, we believe there is no renewal for the series.

If you’re sad this is over and want to read something similar, here are some recommendations: Painter of the Night, Warehouse and Bastard.

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