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Note that the Killing Stalking is not for soft-hearted people. The Killing Stalking is a Korean manhwa. Moreover, the genre of the manhwa can be regarded as drama, romcom, and psychological thriller. Oooooooooo.

The manhwa created by Kogi. Also, the art given by writer Kogi. Also, the manhwa won Grand prize at Second Lezhin World Comics Contest. The publisher of the manhwa is Lezhin Comics itself.

If you have not read the manhwa, take a note. A soft-hearted person should not try to read it. In this article, ahead, you will come across the plot and details. That will clear about the type of manhwa. Moreover, let us see what the ending of the psychotic thriller was.


The storyline revolves around a young boy. The young boy was named Yoon Bum. One who has gone through a disturbing past. Which, in turn, leads to his mental illness. Some day he met one boy. The boy name Oh Sangwoo stopped him from commencing a horrible act. Once, Yoon Bum was sexually abused and raped by a fellow military officer. However, Sangwoo reaches in time. He saves Yoon Bum from the rape then after they develop a temporary friendship.

Killing Stalking
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Meanwhile, one day Yoon Bum entered the house of Sangwoo. At the time Sanhwoo was out of his house. He found a brutally bruised woman in the basement. Yoon Bum was dumbstruck! He discovered that Sangwoo was a serial killer.

However, both had passionate feelings for each other. But, somehow when Sangwoo knew about Yoon Bum knowing his reality. Sangwoo tortured him. He kept Yoon Bum in an abusive and manipulative relationship until the end.

The main characters of the manhwa are:

  • Yoon Bum was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Oh Sangwoo a psychopathic antagonist.
  • Yang Seungbae, a former investigator.


What happened at the end?

Although there were some loopholes in the last chapter, it had one proper thematic closure.

Sangwoo’s death!

At the end, Sangwoo dies. Moreover, his death is an irony. A woman murdered him. That was fantastic as his subjects were women. A woman and her grandmother killed him using a pillow. Once in the past, his mother tried to kill him the same way.

Well, karma always hits hard!

Yoon Bum also dead!!!

His death is legit. Yoon Bum got himself into trouble. Although it was his fault. Sangwoo was Bums obsession from the start. Moreover, even after Yoon Bum knew Sangwoo’s reality, he dd not left him. And because of Yoon Bums illusion of the dead man. He died.

Moreover, the end was right.


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