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Crunchyroll Presents Girls’ Frontline Television A Brand New Anime Coming Out Soon!

Crunchyroll has done it again! The online video streaming platform that has been pushing out original content time and time again has once again set the fans’ hearts ablaze by recently announcing the launch of a brand new anime that is very close to all the gamers out there! That’s right Girls’ Frontline the strategic role-playing game with beautiful yet deadly protagonists is all set to get its very own anime adaptation by Crunchyroll titled Girls’ Frontline (TV).

As the announcement was just recently made, with the creators of the show still looking out for more voice actors and an unfinalized script, I think it is safe to assume that the series although now very much a reality and in the works will take some time to get completely launched. However, the biggest question over here is, will it be any good? Or will it be like the myriad of animes coming, and going without anyone noticing them? Given the plot of the game which we shall discuss later in this post, the gamer fans out there at the least must be excited. However, for our reader’s sake, if we were to predict when season 1 of the Girls’ Frontline (TV)  will get launched then given that the studio is still finalizing the cast and crew, it is safe to say that the show is definitely not going to be available before January of 2022!

However, seeing how Crunchyroll is advancing and broadening its horizon, the one thing that the fans look forward to is a series with a world-class animation! Therefore make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscriptions ready because the series is all set and ready to premiere on your screen this January.

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The story of Girls’ Frontline is set in a dystopian future where most of the humanity is now dead and most of the inhabitants left are the machines and the war-dolls named “T-Dolls” exclusively purposed for combat and fighting largely operated by AI and the android version of their previous owner now dead. The premise of the story takes place in the year 2062 where the air, water, and land are now completely contaminated by collapsed fluid.

However, in a truly terminator scenario, the advanced Artificial intelligence programmed to be as humanistic as they can be, develop a sense of dislike for their human masters and the T-dolls and the rest of the androids launch a full-scale rebellion on their very own creators. Girls’ Frontline highlights the story of the newly promoted commander who is now responsible to deal with the rebellion and nip it in the bud before it becomes too late.





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