Dawn Of The Witch All Set To Make Its Big Debut This Spring!

Dawn of the Witch is an upcoming fantasy-action and mystery anime that is based on a light novel written by Kakeru Kobashiri. The light novel of the series has been publishing its content since 2018 and has as of yet released 3 volumes. The unique plotline of the series and its attractive and lovable characters have prompted its creators to bring Kakeru’s work into the spotlight and have decided to give the series its very own anime adaptation.

However, we wouldn’t lie to our readers on the point that so far very little information about Dawn Of The Witch’s anime has been released. The only thing that has been made public by its author is that the series will get an anime adaptation that will premiere in the spring season of 2022, that is in the month of April. Given that so far only 3 volumes of the light novel have been released so far we can expect season 1 of the show to have somewhere around 12-13 episodes. However, no information about the cast and the crew has been released so far, therefore our readers might have to wait a while for some new info to get released.


Plot Of The Dawn Of The Witch

Image: Kodansha

As the title of the show suggests the story of the series takes, place in a magical world where witches and the ultimate power of Christ are a very big deal. However, this world has its own set of flaws and the church and the Witches association have long been at each other’s throats creating an atmosphere of constant war and strife. However, the two opposite factions decided to end these years of war and turmoil and finally decided to come to peace.

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The story of the series takes place some years after the peace treaty between the church and the witches was signed. The show focuses on the protagonist Sable a student at the Royal Academy of Magic of the Kingdom of Wenias, who along with his classmates is born in the era of peace where the wars between the church and the factions of the witches are a thing of the past. However, greatly struggling in his studies and lagging behind his fellow classmates the young boy is asked to go on a journey along with some companion by the order of the headmaster of the academy Albus.

Therefore, in order to gain some confidence in himself and to improve his magical powers and abilities, Sable goes on a journey to find himself and prove himself. However, little does he know that the path that he’s taking is filled with danger and challenges, which might be too much for him to handle.








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