Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 Release Date, Where to Watch English Subs Online, Countdown

Tokyo Revengers

Hey there, anime lovers; you apparently be aware of the fact that the series Tokyo Revengers are soon hitting us back with its episode 5. Fans cannot keep calm after watching the previous episodes. The gripping scriptwriting work was able to allure the masses. Grab your watches and set down the timer. You have landed … Read more

86 Eighty Six Episode 4 Release Date, Where to Watch English Online

Eighty Six

Eighty-Six is one of the most beautifully directed episodes: awesome setting and premise, interesting cast, great visuals, and an amazing soundtrack. Man transition from one scene to another can give you a heart attack. Full of happiness and peace, and next thing you encounter, BOOM! Someone’s dead. In the end, my jaw was wide open. … Read more

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 5: Renewal, Release, Expectations

Fairy Ranmaru

Fairies and girls arent the common scenario anymore. Fairy Ranmaru is About to do or die. A Japanese animation show by studio comet. The writer of this story is Jo Roba. The first four episodes are a total variety of romance, wrath envy, and now episode 5 of Fairy Ranmaru is on its way to … Read more

Russia Banned Isekai Manga and Anime

Isekai Anime

It is a subcategory of genre fantasy for all those who aren’t aware of what Isekai is. People worldwide are a fan of fantasy storylines as it proves to be a great escape to the real world. But not all think in the same way. Russia has banned the streaming of Isekai manga and anime … Read more